[Zone 42] These 47 adorable vegetable-inspired animals look just like Pokémon

Here are some very surprising drawings. The artist PonkichiM creates adorable animals out of food and vegetables. A wonderful concept straight out of a fairy tale. A text (written in Japanese) accompanies the drawings and explains the benefits of certain vegetables. Something that will make your kids love broccoli and spinach. Here are 47 of his delicious creations. To learn more, visit her Instagram and Twitter accounts. # 1 A Spinach Owl # 2 A Chinese Cabbage Dog # 3 A MUSHROOM PLANET # 4 A Coriander Chinchilla # 5 A Garlic Cat # 6 A LAMA CAULIFLOWER # 7 A LOTUS ROOT FOX # 8 A WHITE RADISH FOX # 9 A CABBAGE DEVIL OF …

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