Zelda, Mario, Animal Crossing, the next Nintendo Direct would have leaked before its time


Several times a year Nintendo organizes Directs in which they share a lot of information about their current or already published productions. While a next Nintendo Direct is long overdue, new information is pointing to the future of certain licenses.

Towards great announcements for the next Nintendo Direct?

After a conference on June 15th on the occasion of E3, Nintendo now has to hold another direct event in which it will come and communicate about the upcoming games on its consoles. The ability for the Japanese publisher to share new trailers, announce release dates, or even reveal new games. And while fans are now waiting to find out more, an insider may have sold the wick before the hour.

This insider, known on Twitter as Samus Hunter, who specializes in leaks related to Nintendo, did not fail to share his information on a possible Nintendo Direct. And in his opinion, the next Nintendo Direct would be planned for next month, namely September. Not an exact date, of course, but the mention of holding an indie world ahead of that fateful date. Nintendo will not fail to confirm or deny the insider’s claims in the coming weeks.

But the interesting part about Samus Hunter comes from his information on the games that are included in this Nintendo Direct. The insider nevertheless wants to be pragmatic and explains that it is still too early to formally confirm certain presences. Nintendo still has time to change its mind on certain announcements. Still, this information allows us, albeit early, to learn more about Big N’s intentions.

legendary licenses

Through a series of tweets, Samus Hunter shared the vast amount of information that was being gathered about this next Nintendo Direct. There are licenses such as Animal Crossing, Metroid, Kirby, The Legend of Zelda, Smash Bros. but also external ones such as Resident Evil. Legendary licenses that could be included in the next Nintendo Direct. But to list the most famous Nintendo licenses by declaring that they will be represented at the next Japanese publisher conference would of course be a bit too easy and, above all, accessible for the first participant.

In this way, Samus Hunter was able to substantiate his point of view by giving it credibility thanks to the numerous details mentioned.

“After teasing it in a couple of posts, I’ll address it more clearly. Yes, there is a #NintendoDirect planned for September, around the time WarioWare is out. There’s no point in making a list of games to match them to pass on. ” as safe, because actually it is still too early. But if I thwart my information, I can tell you things that I think are very likely. The flagship will surely be Metroid Dread, while Advance Wars and Mario Party will have sections devoted to specific themes, novelties.

Several major updates are also planned for Animal Crossing, the reveal of the newest Smash character, and the DLC featuring the new Hyrule Warriors story. Third-party games will also play an important role, Capcom must reveal a Resident Evil for the Switch.

Unless plans change for Splatoon 3, marketing for the title should begin around this time. I have doubts about any news for the Zelda BotW sequel, I think we’ll hear more about this in a few months. As new announcements, a Kirby project is very likely.

Finally, we mention a title developed by Nintendo, Monolith, which is at a very advanced stage. You just need to finish the cutscenes before working on much of the music, so the project is entering the final phase of its development.

Bayonetta 3, which I mentioned earlier, should also be in a similar situation. There are other titles on the way too, but these are slated for 2022 credits or later. I repeat, for now the new announcements are guesswork based on the data in my possession, it is too early to be taken as confirmed. In conclusion, however, I can tell you that Nintendo is also working on the next Indie World.

According to Samus Hunter, this Nintendo Direct could therefore enable us to obtain new information about a number of different licenses. The best of Nintendo would be here, a blessing for its loyal fans looking for something new. It remains to be seen whether a Nintendo Direct will finally be planned on this date. For the moment radio silence on Nintendo’s side. But the Japanese giant is known for its discreet announcements just days before the event. It is therefore necessary to be patient before discovering all the turning points.

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