Zack Snyder says Snyder Cut will be frustrating

As the Justice League Snyder Cut release date is rapidly approaching, the director continues to communicate about this project that he has been doing for many years. Zack Snyder says it all: viewers will be hungry for more!

You will stay hungry

The Snyder Cut, like the Messiah, is awaited by fans of the filmmaker and DC Comics and is the subject of much ink. The film is set to correct the many errors of the Warner Bros. torpedoed film and is set to become the culmination of the DCEU, which was to be its first version to be released in theaters in 2017.

Given what the film means to both the director and the Warner studio and fans, Zack Snyder communicates a lot about it. Very much. Invited by our American colleagues at IGN to a digital meeting, however, Zack Snyder made a statement that should, if not alarmingly, at least warn his fans of some frustration: After the Snyder Cut, we will continue to starve.

Indeed, the director of Man of Steel and Batman versus Superman admits that the film was conceived as the first part of a trilogy. While the Snyder Cut is what he originally wanted for the Justice League, not all of his wishes will come true.

The film suggests another potential world, if you will. It plants the seeds of what could later have become other films. It’s all there, but for these stories, when they do, they will happen – which doesn’t seem to be the case.

You will understand: The film presents many challenges without all of them reaching their completion.

Was Zack Snyder too ambitious? Nothing is less certain. We know that the American director is a good strategist and that he can count on the support of a community of loyal fans who are excited to see what the director of 300 and Watchmen has to offer them.

It is recalled that Warner Bros did not want to hear about a Snyder Cut for a long time. It was thanks to fan pressure that the Hollywood major made the decision to listen to popular retaliation and formalize the production of a new version of the Justice League, entirely directed by Zack Snyder. There is therefore no doubt that the announcement of two sequels to the Justice League, without which the film would be incomplete, a few weeks before the official release of the Snyder Cut by Zack Snyder, should motivate fans of the director to put pressure on the studio to make it official be started.

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