Zack Snyder returns to the most criticized scene in the film

To mark the release of Justice League on March 18, Zack Snyder returns to the most criticized scene from his previous film Batman vs. Superman.

Snyder Defend batman against Superman

The end of the fights, especially when you take care of the two protagonists, is always crucial in a movie. The result of the battle between Captain America and Iron Man in the Civil War, for example, fascinated Marvel fans. So we can easily understand that the end of the Superman-Batman fight could have disappointed more than one. At the end of a difficult fight, he lays down his arms just because the mother of his enemy has the same first name as him.

Throughout the film, Superman’s nemesis Lex Luthor played Batman against Superman, forcing him to fight to save his mother. When the long-awaited battle finally arrives, Superman quickly takes over his near-divine superpowers. There’s even a piece of Batman’s mask that breaks under a point from Superman.

But without counting on Batman’s kryptonite devices to bring the fight back into balance. In time, Batman will even gain the advantage of knocking Superman to the ground. But as he prepares to deliver the coup de grace, Superman pleads with him, telling him that he’s not even defending his life, but that of his mother Martha. Batmans is also called Martha, but is that just why Batman lowers his arms in front of Superman?

Snyder gave us his answer in a recent interview with MinuteMen.

I like the centrality of the word Martha in the film. I am really a fan of this. This is the focus of the film, and the fact that it has been criticized so often points to the film’s misunderstanding. Personally, I think it’s this kind of concept that gives films their consistency. This choice of scriptwriting was entirely welcome.

Snyder, who does not regret his choice, even defends it and finds it essential to the film. But why is he so tied to it?

Superman managed to punch Batman’s helmet so far that it almost broke. It has symbolic meaning. I like this idea, the batman mask falls off and its true nature speaks. More hidden behind his mask, it is really the intention to speak of Bruce Wayne. The world only matters if we change it. It’s a good summary of Batman’s philosophy I think. His psychological journey got him there. The only world worthy of existence is the one we change to conform to our morals.

According to Snyder, it is the real Batman who is emotionally fragile once his helmet is broken and his mask is removed. The disappearance of his parents led Bruce Wayne to become the vigilante he is today to develop a code of conduct. Since then he has been working to change the world according to his morality.

In the end, however, he discovers that these actions can go too far very quickly. He even becomes what he hates, everything he fights. Finally, he almost becomes the criminal responsible for the disappearance of his own parents when he leaves Superman’s mother, Martha, in grave danger. Is he ultimately responsible for his mother’s disappearance, has he become everything he has always blindly hated?

According to Snyder, in this situation, Batman can see that by blindly following his morals, he risked becoming a criminal by letting a mother die.

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