Zack Snyder goes to a new Schwifty project


After receiving a lot of praise for doing justice to the movie Justice League, Zack Snyder stays in the cinema news, thanks in particular to his latest film, Army of the Dead. Unfortunately, the latter did not have the expected success and had to endure many negative reviews. This doesn’t prevent the director from having projects in mind! After recently praising the MCU, he made an interesting trust, to say the least, about the Rick & Morty series. Explanations.

believable Zack Snyder in comedy?

The Army of the Dead, 300 or even Man of Steel: so many titles by Zack Snyder whose tone is decidedly far from comedy. In fact, no one can deny that this is more entertainment than humor when the director has excelled at making high-energy and visually great feature films. The trend is confirmed with his latest film Army of the Dead.

It’s then difficult to associate the Snyder name with anything other than a good dose of action, explosive plans, and a few gallons of blood. However, during a live appearance by YouTuber TheFilmJunkee, he didn’t hesitate to explore this style.

a Rick & Morty film by Snyder?

During the live performance, TheFilmJunkee asked Zack Snyder if he ever planned to make a comedy. What the director replied:

I don’t have any real comedy to think about, you know, that would be a continuous comedy. If I did a Rick & Morty movie, that would probably be next.

If the idea of ​​a Rick & Morty film sounds convincing, it seems clear that many other, more experienced candidates could come forward if such a project were ever put on the table. Such a film is certainly not a priority for Zack Snyder, who in normal times is illustrated thanks to much darker productions. The idea is no less interesting, however, provided you keep the original spirit of the series while adding the signature touch of Snyder.