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Zack Snyder gives the fans hope

On March 18, the release of the Snyder Cut caused a mixture of satisfaction and bitterness. Zack Snyder had warned fans: his version of the Justice League was going to be frustrating. It is clear that the filmmaker was right. Many viewers have embarked on a crusade to demand the continuation of the Justice League staged by Zack Snyder via the hashtag #RestoreTheSynderVerse.

When asked recently on the subject, Zack Snyder commented on the feasibility of this project.

At least two sequels to the Justice League were originally planned

Justice League’s Snyder Cut was a hit when it was released. It provoked imitation among fans and recorded significant revenue at the French box office, all the more in context. France thus had 100,000 dematerialized purchases of the film when it was released.

The version originally presented by Zack Snyder was praised for its deeper plot, darker tone and of course Snyder’s distinctive style, which the license from DC really paid homage to.

At least two sequels were planned to illustrate the continuity of the league’s adventures. However, given the commercial and critical failure of Joss Whedon’s version of the Justice League, Warner had simply given up on the project. Without hard feelings. Or almost …

A more than promising sequel

After discovering the first filmmaker’s version, many viewers quickly returned their jackets. Many of them were very excited about the idea of ​​a saga exclusively directed by Zack Snyder.

Not only should the director’s paw have brought a cohesive sequel to Batman VS Superman and Man of Steel, the plot development should also have brought the visions of Knightmare to life after the tragic deaths of Lois Lane, Aquaman and Wonder Woman.

In addition, the corruption of Superman by Darkseid would have resulted in a post-apocalyptic universe that Batman, Flash and Cyborg should have saved with great time travel.

Zack Snyder’s comeback is in great demand

Fan imaginations were quickly swept away and allowed to launch the hashtag #RestoreTheSynderVerse to encourage Warner Bros. to restart the originally planned saga (and this time without Joss Whedon).

The company reacted very coldly to the instructions of the fans. However, Zack Snyder seems to see things very differently.

Zack Snyder is very open to the idea

During the Justice Con Convention, Snyder was the subject of an interview asking for his opinion on the campaign to restore the SnyderVerse. Faced with this question, the director did not hide his enthusiasm and confirmed that he would support the efforts of fans.

Unfortunately, Zack Snyder was also interested in sifting through Expectations by remembering that a sequel was unlikely to see the light of day right now. However, he implicitly thanked fans during his testimony:

I’ll just say that. It’s a concept that, in my opinion, shows the enthusiasm for this work. In that sense, I have no idea of ​​the result. There will probably be nothing … respect for work is something that I will never refuse or that I will never disregard. Of course I will go out of my way to support this … when someone, whoever, tells me they really like this thing and would like to see another. Personally, I won’t be the type to say “forget it”. because I think it’s rude.

This speech is part of a context of coldness between the director and Warner who had many creative differences. Recently, the director reached out to Netflix to offer his version of Army of the Dead, suggesting that he has finally found happiness with a new creative partner.


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