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Zack Snyder delivers game titles and new teasers

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is currently the focus of the movie news. And for good reason: The fictional film, a project that has been supported by its creator for years, is eagerly awaited by the fans. The hype isn’t going down, despite the fact that Zack Snyder has announced the film is frustrating. This Wednesday the director published the titles of the individual parts of the Justice League, which kept the fans enthusiastic. Explanations here.

a film, 4 hours, 6 chapters

Zack Snyder never stopped teasing the Justice League publication. This week he posted the titles of the 6 parts that will make up the film on Twitter. Although initially referring to a 6-episode series, the director eventually turned to a feature film format with a total duration of 4 hours. So, each part of the film is introduced through the titles in question announced on the social network:

The chapters. Part 1: “Don’t rely on it, Batman” #SnyderCut pic.twitter.com/WoLjV5DxiF

March 3, 2021

At the time of writing, the official titles in French were not yet known. We therefore offer you a temporary translation here:

– Part 1: Don’t rely on it, Batman

– Part 2: The Age of Heroes

– Part 3: Beloved mother, beloved son

– Part 4: Change machine

– Part 5: All the King’s Horses

– Part 6: Something Darker

Notes on the content of the film

In addition to his revelations, Zack Snyder posted a new mini-teaser that reveals the beauty of the scenes (see his tweet below). The titles can be interpreted: we will therefore logically see that the film begins with a Batman in full formation of the Justice League, which should be completed in the second part. The third title is pretty nebulous.

2 weeks. #SnyderCut pic.twitter.com/55frseEnPu

March 4, 2021

The following appears to refer to Superman’s ship. There is no idea about part 5 either, but the final chapter is ambiguous: the finale will be dark. As we recall, Zack Snyder had said that the end of the film would take the form of a large cliff hanger. The Justice League is announced for March 18th.


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