Zack Snyder admits he could never have done it better, praises the MCU


A few years after Marvel, Warner Bros. considered creating its own universe of superheroes. To achieve this, the company has entrusted the reins of its new baby to Zack Snyder. However, disagreements have emerged over the years. These will inevitably break the link between the Director and the DCEU. Goodbye sweet dreams from Snyderverse …

Wonder stronger than DC?

In 2008, Marvel initiated the beginnings of its MCU with the release of the very first Iron Man movie. Then came a very long list of film and television productions. For his part, Warner was quickly contacted by Warner to bring two major DCEU films to life: Man of Steel and Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Unfortunately, the two superhero universes will then take opposite directions. Marvel will continue the successes, especially through films that bring together a multitude of superheroes like the Avengers. While DC will find its feet in the carpet with Justice League and the many setbacks that result from its production.

Justice League director Zack Snyder even leaves the ship and is upset that he is unable to express his full creativity. Joss Whedon then replaces him at short notice with a mixed result that the fans cannot convince. Faced with this disaster, Warner Bros remembers Zack Snyder and gives him one last chance to save the furniture. If Zack Snyder’s Justice League was a huge success, it would seem too late for the future … The break between the two is irreparable!

AND when Zack Snyder turned to Marvel …

Now the connection between Warner and the director seems to be definitely broken. Additionally, Zack Snyder decides to turn to Netflix for the merchandise of his next film, Army of the Dead.

However, we are not immune to a turnaround. In an interview with The Guardian, Zack Snyder was full of praise for Marvel. The director even admitted that he would never have done better than what had already been produced in terms of films for the MCU.

I could have changed the MCU, but it certainly would have helped make less money or made it less popular. About the way they created it, I’m not sure there is a better way to do it.

Today Marvel has literally become indispensable with its universe of superheroes. As for Zack Snyder, this isn’t the first time the director has spoken highly of the MCU. Is there a clever approach?