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Youtuber discovers a new feature that Sony won’t like

In November, a new generation of consoles came out from Sony and Microsoft. These advocate an undeniable selling point for many buyers, backward compatibility.

XBOX SERIES WIN THE BATTLE OF Backward Compatibility

For many gamers around the world, the backward compatibility system for a console is very important. Some even choose their future machine based on how that option is implemented. As a reminder, backward compatibility makes it possible to play games from old consoles from one manufacturer on a brand new computer.

In this regard, the PS5 currently only offers backward compatibility, which is limited to the PS4 generation. The Xbox series, on the other hand, is more complete. In fact, they allow gamers to play an older panel of Xbox games and don’t limit their backward compatibility to the previous generation.

Microsoft and its consoles seem to have won the battle on this ground, and you don’t think so well. The Modern Vintage YouTuber just made a new discovery on the subject, on an Xbox Series S.

Backward compatibility beyond simple Xbox games

The Youtubeur had already revealed a few days ago that the Xbox series can run many games from old consoles such as the GameCube, to name just one. However, this backward compatibility goes much further!

Thanks to the “Developer” mode available on new Xboxes, gamers can use the RetroArch app. That way, you can use emulators like PCSX2 which will then provide the ability to run PS2 games on an Xbox series.

However, there are restrictions. Since the tech is unofficial, running PS2 games on your new Microsoft console is a bit of a chore. Only games under 2 GB are compatible. These suffer from numerous errors and cannot be displayed in 16: 9. However, the process has the advantage that games like Shadow of the Colossus or Jak and Daxter run successfully.

The architecture, which is similar to an Xbox series PC, then works wonders in terms of backward compatibility. However, from a legal point of view, questions need to be asked. It is certain that in the near future Sony will prevent Microsoft consoles from accessing emulators like PCSX2.


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