YouTube Is Adding A Timed Reaction Feature – Here’s the complete news!!

A timed reaction feature is being tested on mobile apps for YouTube, which is owned by Google, the company said on Monday. YouTube says that users can use eight emojis to show how they feel about certain parts of a video. Currently, the feature is being used as an experiment. This means that the feature could change during development based on user feedback. Since last November, YouTube has been trying out new ways for people to interact with videos, like SoundCloud-style timed comments on videos.

YouTube made an announcement on its support site on Monday that it was going to start letting people try out a new timed reaction experiment. It did this because it had been getting a lot of positive feedback about its timed comment beta feature. Users will be able to respond to messages with eight emojis at specific points in a video, and the emojis will be stacked at certain points on the progress bar of the video. You can’t tell which person sent each reaction on YouTube, and it won’t show who did so.

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The new timed reactions on YouTube will be stacked and show up at certain times. A small group of channels will be chosen to test out YouTube’s new timed reactions at first. Even though, the company hasn’t yet told us which channels or videos are part of the experiment yet.

To react to something in a video that is part of the experiment, users can open up the comment section and tap on the reaction panel. This will let them do this. People who go to this section will also see what other people are saying. On a smartphone, you can see timed reactions in action. The company hasn’t said if the experiment will work on the desktop site.

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It’s part of the new YouTube timed reactions experiment. The service says that it will try out “multiple sets” of reactions and that it will add or remove reactions based on what people say. As of November 2021, public dislike counts for videos will no longer be visible. The service is also testing a beta feature that allows users to leave comments at specific timestamps in videos, which the service says will improve interactions on the platform.

Indian YouTube users will soon be able to label videos that come from trusted sources with a new health label. There is no word yet on when the new timed reactions experiment will be available to all users. It could change a lot during development, or the company could decide to use another way to interact with videos instead.