YouTube is adding 4000 TV Show Episodes For Free For US users – Check the complete news!!

People who use YouTube to watch videos will soon be able to watch free, ad-supported TV shows on the service. This is a first. This is in addition to the 1,500 movies that have already been made freely available on YouTube, which is owned by Google. YouTube will also offer about 4,000 free TV episodes. People say the company plans to add up to 100 shows and movies each week, so this will be done in stages.

The major TV shows that will be free to watch on YouTube include Hell’s Kitchen, Andromeda, Heartland, and Unsolved Mysteries, as well as other shows. It comes after YouTube added a lot of movies that you can watch for free like Gone in Sixty Seconds and Runaway Bride. People in the United States can now watch free movies on TV.

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This means that YouTube is now in direct competition with platforms like Peacock, the Roku Channel, Tubi, and many more. This time last year, YouTube and Roku were at odds for almost eight months over whether or not to put YouTube TV on Roku streaming devices. The problem was solved in December of last year.

However, experts say that YouTube’s new free content won’t hurt the likes of Amazon Prime Video or Netflix because the free content isn’t what is called “prestige TV.”

Earlier this year, YouTube said that it was giving up on its goal of “trying to fill content gaps” by making its own shows for YouTube Originals. The site said that it would only work on its Black Voices and YouTube Kids Funds.

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