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Berlin (DPA) – The Greens’ plan for an immigration ministry has not been approved by the other parties. Until now, the Federal Ministry of the Interior is responsible for everything related to citizenship, asylum and immigration.

“It is right to strengthen the issue of integration in the future government,” the domestic political spokesman for the Union’s parliamentary group, Mathias Middelberg, told the German news agency on Friday. However, creating a separate ministry for this task is a mistake. Rather, it would make sense to strengthen the powers of the Federal Ministry of the Interior in this area, “for example through a stronger role in labor market integration”.

FDP boss Christian Lindner spoke out in favor of an integration ministry separate from the Interior Ministry, as is the case in North Rhine-Westphalia, which is run by the CDU and FDP. “Germany has experienced immigration in the past. Often this happened in an uncontrolled way. It is therefore not enough to speak vaguely of ‘participation policies’, as the Greens do,” said Lindner of the Public Prosecution Service. “We also need to clearly identify the shortcomings in integration and work to solve them.” He sees this as a task. for a ministry, which as a whole ‘should take on the great task of integration’.

“We have to set expectations of people who want to come to us. It must be clear under what conditions immigration to Germany is possible,” said Lindner. “This also means that criminals and threats are consistently deported.” As an aging society, Germany depends on being attractive to bright minds and skilled workers from all over the world. In competition with other countries, it must be ensured that social progress can succeed and that pleasure in achievement is again worthwhile.

From the point of view of the SPD domestic politician Uli Grötsch, the debate about the future tasks of individual ministries comes too soon. He said: “You have to talk about divisional division in coalition negotiations.” The Greens must “hand out the bear’s fur only when he is killed”. Whether it was useful to place the responsibility for the subject of building on the Ministry of the Interior will then have to be discussed again. The same applies to the question of whether the establishment of a ‘home’ department in the Ministry of the Interior has proved successful or not.

From the AfD’s point of view, the responsibility for migration should certainly remain with the Ministry of the Interior. “We cannot promote illegal migration through an immigration ministry,” said Bundestag member Martin Hess. The Ministry of the Interior must be developed into a ‘deportation ministry’.

The Federal Ministry of the Interior currently employs 2,344 people. The Home department has 140 employees, the migration department 110. The construction and housing policy department has 111 employees. Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) had announced that he would not seek political office after the federal election.

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