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“Your Honor”: Bryan Cranston is back as a protagonist on a series

“Your Honor”: Bryan Cranston is back as a protagonist on a series

The “Breaking Bad” actor is a judge with everything from Walter White. It’s a Showtime production.

Bryan Cranston’s new series.

Seldom has the television screen seemed so small when we saw Walter White yelling at the woman, “I’m the one knocking”. It was then that we learned that the cancer-stricken chemistry professor who made medicines to support his family after his death had definitely changed. He was no longer a man who had taken a step larger than his leg. He was no longer a threatened man. He was a threat himself.

For years the Emmys were lavishly ruled by Breaking Bad and Bryan Cranston, who was nominated for all five seasons and took home four best actor in a drama series.

He had already been nominated for the Emmy Awards, but it was a long way between promoting a wide variety of products, participating in comedy series and a strong role especially as a troubled but well-intentioned father in “A Vida é Injusta”. It’s the kind of series any Breaking Bad fanatic can revisit with affection and amazement these days: damn it, it’s the same kind that makes Walter White.

Walter White is already there, but it’s no exaggeration if we assume that one of the most anticipated television moments of 2020 will happen this Monday, December 7th. The day after “Your Honor,” Bryan Cranston’s new series, which premieres on Showtime in the US, will be released on HBO Portugal.

Among the criticisms that have surfaced, there are already opinions that admit that one of the challenges is the shadow of Walter White. Cranston took on character with such a force that it is difficult to prevent the changing chemistry professor’s aura from flowing into other stories. Mainly because in its own way there are some similarities.


In “Your Honor” the actor takes on the role of Michael Desiato, a judge who finds himself in a dangerous world that is bigger than himself and is surrounded by the threat of organized crime. We’ll also see him grapple with moral dilemmas, opening the way to a question we already had in Breaking Bad: How far can he go for his family?

The first season has a total of ten episodes, which will premiere in the order of one per week until February next year. When we open the storyline we have a hit and run. The conductor is the son of the judge Adam (Hunter Doohan, who interestingly plays against Aaron Paul in the series “Truth Be Told”).

Adam leaves the victim to die and confesses everything to his father, who in turn will put aside his values ​​and impartiality to protect him. “Don’t tell anyone about it,” we heard him say to his son in the trailer. The problem is that the boy who dies on an overpass is not an unknown character. He is the son of the leader of a powerful organized crime family in New Orleans.

What follows is high risk with lies paving the way for moments of tension. Jimmy Baxter (Michael Stuhlbarg), the gang leader, is adamant and promises revenge for the death of his son. With the threat imminent, he’s an increasingly desperate judge that we’ll see in action.

“Your Honor” is inspired by the Israeli hit series “Kvodo”. The American version comes from Peter Moffat, producer and screenwriter for series such as “The Night Of” and “Undercover”. The cast includes names such as Hope Davis, Sofia Black-D’Elia, Isiah Whitlock Jr. and Tony Curran.

“Your Honor” is just one of this month’s debuts in December. There are another 14 series with premieres or planned returns by the end of the year. Click the gallery and find out what else to expect.


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