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Your console is making an annoying noise. Here’s what could fix the problem

While the PS5 was released in Europe late last week, all owners of Sony’s new console are happy with the exception of a few who are experiencing problems with their computer. Some gamers have noticed that their PS5 is making an ominous noise from the ventilation side. It seems that the problem can be fixed very easily.

Regular motorcycle noise? An intruder in your PS5 fan

In fact, some gamers have noticed that their PS5 may have an issue with the ventilation system. The console, which is particularly quiet, can make a loud noise when first started by some owners of the new console, as is the case with Franck_Supercell, who also shared a video on Twitter about the famous regular noise of his machine.

@ PlayStation fan noises sound interrupted at the first start and stay that way. Disc version. Can be heard throughout the apartment.

Walled fan? Should I go back to the dealer and how long do I have to wait for a replacement? Other solutions? # Ps5 #fan #noise pic.twitter.com/ynVZSGWq38

20th November 2020

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Urging internet users to find a solution to this ventilation problem, Franck decided to roll up their sleeves and take the console apart. And it seems the solution is stupid!

In fact, he discovered that a tiny label on the fan was causing this noise. When the latter rotates, its blades hit the label and therefore continuously emit this sound.

Franck states that he committed to removing that label and that the noise has since completely disappeared. Of course, before opening your new console, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with DIY, and in particular, remember that opening the PS5’s case will void the two-year manufacturer’s warranty.


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