You won’t believe what happens in Netflix’s shocking new series

You won’t believe what happens in Netflix’s shocking new series

Chronicler Miguel Lambertini ponders the nifty mechanics that could be worth a marathon on the sofa – with popcorn to go with it.

One of the current series on Netflix.

If you clicked on this article because of its title, it is because it was created to win your click. It is pure bait to tie you up and tie you to that 1000 character hook and that is called clickbait. Is it a dodgy and cunning device? Without doubt. It works? I think we must both agree that it is so.

My goal with this title was of course not to deceive the NiT readers, but to talk about “Clickbait”, the new eight-episode miniseries from Netflix. However, since you’re here, stay a little longer because then I’ll give you “10 reasons to watch this series”, explain “why ‘Clickbait’ is at the top of Netflix” and even unravel “why your penis 4 is growing”. cm when you watch this series “even if you are a woman.

Aside from the clickbait titles, the new Netflix fiction project is right in the platform’s top 10 and a great option for those who enjoy marathons and thrillers.

The protagonist of this story is Nick Brewer, played by actor Adrian Grenier, the classic Vincent from the series “Entourage”, who embodies a father, husband and brother whom everyone loves and admires.

Suddenly he mysteriously disappears and when his wife (Betty Gabriel, Let Me Out) and sister (Zoe Kazan, The Times Square Chronicles) search for him, an unusual video pops up on the internet. In it, Nick, visibly beaten, holds a sign that reads: “Abuse of women. If this video gets 5 million views, I’ll be dead. “

With eight episodes, “Clickbait” breaks out of traditional tension and innovates with a light script. Yes, don’t expect a great deal of depth, but if you like the genre this is a great option to grab a pack of popcorn and let yourself go.

Each chapter highlights a new character in the series and tells the story from different angles as we form our own opinion of the protagonist through the discoveries of these characters.

Is it a threat or, on the contrary, a confession? This question concerns both Nick’s family and the detective in charge. While the nicks closest to Nick defend the protagonist’s innocence, authorities will open an investigation to reveal the truth.

According to the official publication, the series aims to explore the way our most dangerous and uncontrolled impulses feed in the age of social media, highlighting the growing differences between our virtual and real lives.

Rather, it seemed to me that the series wanted to explore a topic that is already well established with the platform’s viewers and is a great way to appeal to younger audiences. “Clickbait” is clickbait, but now that you know it, you can choose whether or not to bite the hook.

“Clickbait” is one of the latest news on the platform. Click the gallery to learn about other news from Netflix (and beyond).

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