You will never be able to have this controller, and it’s not because of its price

The PlayStation 5 hasn’t completely shaken the internet yet. This time it is actually the controller – the DualSense – that arouses the jealousy of the players! It seems like the entire team that worked on introducing the next-gen console has received some pretty tempting gifts. Among these we find the object of all envy, a very special DualSense. For once, scarcity is synonymous with greed. Explanations.

Magnificent gifts from Sony

The employees of the “PS5 Launch Team” had the pleasant surprise of receiving a gift box with three items: a celebration plaque with the words “Launch Team 2020”, a jacket with the Playstation logo and of course the famous controller! The latter has a white and gold design in a clean style and is reminiscent of a luxurious version of its classic version. It says “PS5 Launch Team” on the side. You will understand that this is an ultra collector’s item that players can buy at a high price.

The information was published after publication on the professional social network Linkedin. The photo above, posted by Joey Rabbitt, Product Design Manager at Sony, quickly caught the attention of the gaming community. Joey Rabbitt was also the chief designer of the PS5 app. However, we don’t know if he posted that stereotype in the excitement or if it’s a cleverly mastered communication stroke.

Special editions: the holy grail for fans

The collector aspect of certain objects has always fascinated people. Game consoles are no exception to the rule, as evidenced by the large number of special editions that have been the subject of the various consoles over time. These timeless items are actively sought by collectors who do not hesitate to pay astronomical sums to acquire the precious sesame. In the case of Sony, we know that the DualShock 3 and 4 controllers got their gold version. Hopefully that also applies to DualSense.

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