you will likely die before the end of the series


South Park appeared like a UFO in 1997, with its trashy humor, satirical episodes, and news criticism. After 24 seasons, the series won’t hand down the gun to the left as the creators still have busy plans for their little baby, who has been around for nearly 25 years.

a juicy contract

The show doesn’t want to die. Animated Comedy is one of Comedy Central’s most iconic shows and has received great reviews over time. His criticism of various social issues and his black humor have often frightened well-thinking people. As a reminder, the series revolves around Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman and Kenny McCornick. These four young people live in a fictional town in Colorado in the USA and experience mishaps on a daily basis, which are often related to current events.

The cult program that makes political correctness work up a sweat won’t stop once the show’s creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker have just signed an insane deal. It states that the series will be extended by six more seasons and 14 original films.

Comedy Central and Outstanding + in-game

Parker and Stone signed a historic new $ 900 million deal with ViacomCBS. Unsurprisingly, all six new seasons air on Comedy Central. But the 14 original films provided for in the contract wins Paramount, which receives the exclusivity of distribution on its own streaming platform. Two will arrive before the end of the year. The makers reacted very positively to the signing of the contract, so the program won’t end anytime soon, much to the delight of the fans.

We can’t wait to record traditional South Park episodes, but now we can try new formats too. It’s great to have partners who always try their luck with us.

During its nearly 25-year airtime, South Park was part of the fame of the Comedy Central chain. The cult comedy has become a cultural monument despite much controversy and controversy. However, the series has always been careful to target everyone in its satirical episodes. Anyway, the last few seasons have managed to maintain a strong following, which explains the signing of such a contract that guarantees the future of South Park for several years.

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