You thought these 11 anime male characters were girls

Indeed, if there is one rule to be followed with anime characters, it is never to trust appearances! As we shall see here, the line between genres is sometimes very thin. Male characters with androgynous styles, even downright feminine: it’s hard not to be wrong the first time! In the meantime we will perfect our sexy no jutsu again.

Fisheye – sailor moon

Fish Eye has a decidedly feminine face and the slender body of a rather slender man. As a full member of the Amazon Trio, he is originally a fish that zirconia – owner of Dead Moon Circus – has given human shape thanks to its magical sphere.

Fish Eye struggles with throwing knives, although his failed attempts to target Sailor Moon suggest he is not doing very well. He also has a sword and can trap enemies in a net. Fish Eye can fire a watery laser that knocks its victims unconscious, and can even teleport over a hoop of water!

Haku – Naruto

Haku appears at the beginning of the manga with the powerful shinobi Zabuza. Haku comes from the land of water and is a descendant of the Yuki clan who have the Kekkei Genkai – a specific ability that only applies to a single family – the Hyoton. This unique technique enables him to combine the water and wind chakras to master ice.

His androgynous appearance can actually leave room for doubt. Peaceful and selfless in nature, he hates fighting to the death and tries to do as little damage as possible to his opponent. Despite this temperament, he remains extremely talented as a ninja.

Ruka Urushibara – Stone’s Gate

Ruka Urushibara is polite and discreet and not the type who pushes himself on. Generous by nature, he primarily cares about the well-being of his neighbor. Her father dresses her in feminine clothes, which explains her special features. Rintaro will describe it in the following words: “more feminine than any woman”.

In the grip of doubt and a certain restlessness after comments and misunderstandings, Ruka will ask him to change his past so that he will be born a woman. That way he would be more attuned to his body and identity.

Karuto zoldyck – hunter x hunter

Karuto is the youngest son of the famous family of assassins in the Hunter X Hunter universe, the Zoldycks. In a black floral kimono with a medium length bob, her looks can be deceiving. On his first appearances he hardly said a word, which further increased the mystery of his gender.

Karuto is talented enough to join the Spider Brigade, which is made up of extremely powerful characters. During the Kimera Ant arc, he reveals his sadistic side by taking some pleasure in torturing his enemies before taking them down. His skills are exceptional considering his age, but hardly surprising from a member of the Zoldyck.

Hitoshi Sugoroku – Nanbaka

Hisotshi Sugoroku appears in Nanba Prison, known as the most impressive prison in the world. He acts there as subordinate guardian of building 4. He is also the little brother of Hajime Sugoroku, from whom he differs in many ways and primarily by his appearance. As soon as he becomes a security guard, he wears a personalized version of the classic prison uniform and casts doubt on his gender.

Unlike his aggressively tempered brother, Hitoshi is friendly by nature and likes to take care of others. He’s also joined the prison to work with him and make sure everything is fine with him. Hitoshi doesn’t take his role too seriously and doesn’t hesitate to be loving to prisoners – for example, by making bentos to share with them – much to the chagrin of his hierarchy.

titus alexius – magi

Titus Alexius is the current mage of the rhyme realm. As a former first class student at the Magnostadt Academy of Magic, he presents himself as a clone of his predecessor, High Priestess Scheherazade, with whom he shares many physical similarities. Aladdin had also mistaken him for a girl when they first met.

An extremely talented wizard, Titus Alexius is able to fend off enemy attacks with ease, mainly using enemy element magic with the same intensity – as his battle against Aladdin has shown. According to Matal Mogamett – ex-leader of Magmostadt – Titus’ most important asset is his ability to use different types of magic in devastating combined techniques, which usually takes a century of practice.

Hideyoshi kinoshita – baka for testing Shoukanjuu

Hideyoshi Kinoshita is a Fumizuki Second F (lowest grade) student. He is the twin brother of Yuuko Kinoshita, whom he closely resembles, and a member of the Drama Club.

Hideyoshi is one of the few students at the school with a basic intellect – which regularly earns him ridicule from his classmates – and is portrayed by his grandfather as “the possessor of incredible beauty”. The journalists ‘club specifically mentioned him on the list of “boys who would look good in girls’ uniforms”. His Shoukanjuu (a kind of ghost that students can conjure up, the potency of which correlates with the score on the final class test) also has an androgynous style that adds to the confusion about him.

ayumi saitou – shion no ou (kings of shogi)

Ayumi Saitou is a 15 year old shogi player. He left school after his mother’s illness and had to pay his hospital expenses. Ayumi Saitou pretends to be a girl in shogi competitions. In fact, it takes two years for the men’s tournament to qualify.

In the anime, he will eventually give up his false identity and play as a boy. He develops a sense of protection from Shion, the main protagonist. He is also suspected of being her boyfriend. During a game, Ayumi will reveal that her father was a shogi player.

Ryoji “Ranka” Fujiyoka – Ouran High School Host Club

Ryoji is an Okama transvestite professional who works in an Okama bar. He uses the pseudonym Ranka as a stage name. He openly defines himself as bisexual. In women’s fashion, he wears a classic office worker outfit. His outfit is dressed like a man and consists of a combination of a headscarf, skinny jeans and a T-shirt.

Ryoji has a loving relationship with his only daughter, Haruchi. Haruchi has been running the house since the death of his wife, whom he still loves. In fact, the latter has been shown to be more efficient than her father in all practical aspects of life, making her a completely independent teenage girl. It is interesting to note that, unlike her father, she wears male clothes, although the latter tried to “redesign them”.

Kei – Pretear

Kei is one of the knights of the leaf – the life energy – and represents light. He works in an internet company. Kei is a pragmatic and somewhat narcissistic character, as evidenced by the many elements in his image that can be seen in his work.

His Leafe Knight outfit is the most representative of his androgynous style. He has the ability to control light. When fused with a pretear, his weapon is called Hiraki Chakuramu, the staff of light.

izo – one piece

Izo appears for the first time during the Marineford Arc as the 16th commander of the Whitebeard fleet. He wears a purple and pale pink kimono, his long hair is geisha-tied back, and he wears lipstick. He can be viewed as an okama.

His master was Oden Kozuki, who originally came from the land of the Wa. Izo is known for his mastery of the pistols, as demonstrated at the Marineford events. During his battle with Kaido, he uses a technique called dangirigan, which involves infusing his haki balls to make them sharp.

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