You have to play as a cat in this brand new horror game

Animals Adored by Some and Hated by Others: Cats really deserve their status as internet dominators, that’s how much they are talked about. They are even starting to incorporate the world of video games as playable characters. This was particularly the case with Stray’s lost cat. A brand new game was recently released in the form of a playable demo. But what atmosphere will he plunge us into then? Explanations here.

an adorable cat named Cookie

Etched Memories is definitely not a game like any other. It was created by the small team (2 people!) From From Scratch Studios and features Biscuit, a cat who wakes up in the middle of a very excited night and whose mother has disappeared. The cat will then look for it and face the transition into a dark past. The game is currently under development, but a playable demo is available on the Steam platform.

Based on the description available on Steam, the game is “a simulated horror game for first and third person”. This, in addition to the trailer above, can give a little idea of ​​the gameplay. Etched memories immerse the player in a dark and rainy universe from the perspective of the biscuit cat.

A word from the developers

The game is far from over as the From Scratch Studios team reminds us:

In the full version, you can find special locations and Easter eggs by exploring the map. However, you won’t find any of these in the demo.

The game still offers some freedom, as you can switch between first and third person mode with a single click. Players can also explore the semi-open world via a “hiking” feature or follow a linear path littered with clues to complete the main adventure faster.

There is currently no official release date set for the game, but it shouldn’t see the light for a while. Either way, Etched Memories holds great promise. Hope the wait doesn’t take too long!

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