You can now see the first images of the Netflix series with Albano Jerónimo

You can now see the first images of the Netflix series with Albano Jerónimo

“The One” will debut on March 12th on the streaming platform. It’s a science fiction story.

The series is almost there.

It opens on Netflix on March 12th and is one of the most anticipated series of the year – at least for the Portuguese audience that Albano Jerónimo would like to see in the UK production “The One”. The trailer for the science fiction story has been released in the last few days.

The narrative, which is based on a book by John Marrs and will have eight episodes, is set in the near future, when the technology exists to find a person’s soulmate through a DNA test.

The production will have 8 episodes.

“Regardless of how good the relationship is, who can say they never thought if there was someone better for us to run around? What if one sample of hair is enough to reach that person? The idea is simple, but the effects are explosive. We will never think about love and relationships in the same way, ”reads the summary of the project.

“The whole series is about a secret community of scientists who work for the state and have discovered one thing: there is a perfect DNA match with someone else in the world. That means you have a perfect match at the DNA level with another person in the world. When you find that person, look no further because you have the perfect person for your life there. That’s basically it. And the government uses this to its advantage to control the population. They are maneuvers of social manipulation, ”declared Albano Jerónimo NiT in May last year.

He added, “What is my character doing here? I am the perfect complement to the protagonist. She is part of this secret organization and I am, for example, the everyday world. I am the earthly, “normal” side of the matter. She’s part of an English social elite, I’m the normal guy who is the opposite of what the show is. Basically, my role puts that weight on the scale of the series. It’s a more practical side of life where I’m far from all of these equations. “

In the same interview, Albano Jerónimo NiT revealed that “The One” had a similar budget to “Black Mirror” and that the show’s producers had him say a few words in Portuguese while filming. Another Portuguese actor, Miguel Amorim, is also confirmed to be part of the cast.

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