You can now control your Apple Watch without touching it

Apple today unveiled a long list of new features designed to improve the accessibility of its products. Including “Assistive Touch”, with which users can control their Apple Watch without having to touch the screen.

What is Assistive Touch?

This function was developed for people with disabilities but can be used by anyone. With built-in motion sensors, an optical heart rate sensor, and machine learning on the device, Apple Watch can detect subtle differences in muscle movement and tendon activity, and help users navigate a cursor on the screen with a series of hand movements. Pressing the tip or pressing the index finger and thumb are gestures that you can use to remotely control your connected watch.

New functions for more inclusion

In addition to Assistive Touch, Apple has presented other functions.

SignTime: This device allows customers to communicate with AppleCare and store customer service in sign language. The eye tracker for iPadsOS: The user can control a screen pointer with their eyes. Image exploration with VoiceOver: This feature for visually impaired and blind users that describes the screen is improved. A program for iPhone hearing aids and audiograms: MFi hearing aids are supported so that deaf or hard of hearing people can have hands-free conversations. Ambient Noise: This feature is designed to minimize distractions and allow users to focus, rest, or even rest.

All of these features, which will gradually become available over the course of the year, are part of Apple’s logic to promote greater equality in inclusion, as the brand specifies with this statement:

“These cutting-edge technologies exemplify Apple’s belief that accessibility is a fundamental right and fuel the company’s long history of delivering cutting-edge functionality. […] “.

More news will follow

Apple also said new features and improvements would be added to those already available. It is therefore possible to control buttons and switches with acoustic actions such as mouth sounds. Users can also change the display or text settings.

A new Memoji will be created “that will make it possible to better represent users with oxygen tubes, cochlear implants and a flexible helmet to wear the head”.

What do you think of these new features?

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