You can now buy t-shirts from the band “Pôr do Sol” (and even the São Cajó necklace)


You can now buy t-shirts from the band “Pôr do Sol” (and even the São Cajó necklace)

The RTP series is a real phenomenon. So much so that it even resulted in a range of merchandising products.

Jesus Quisto, the band of the moment.

It is the phenomenon of the moment on Portuguese television and is increasingly becoming visible off-screen as well. “Pôr do Sol” resulted in dozens of memes on social media and we can even hear hits from Jesus Quisto, the band who invented the series. Now it also inspires a range of t-shirts.

After two weeks of the exhibition, the RTP series, which takes up the usual narrative mechanisms of soap operas and treats them with humor and irony, has become increasingly popular. The characters’ dialogues are repeated, scenes that make you laugh are highlighted, and you can even hum some of the songs.

“Forevers and Evers” is one of those songs. We’re talking about the balladonna of the band that takes part in the story, Jesus Quisto, who is also the name of a company that sells t-shirts.

Split between Instagram and online shop, “Forevers and Evers” reproduces the humor of the series, as if it assures that orders will be delivered “before August 20, 2046”.

There are products in the online catalog that do not exist. They are “sold out” even though they are on sale for several thousand billion euros. For example the famous Cavalo Testículo or the illuminated Collar de São Cajó, a piece of jewelery in the bosom of the Bourbon de Linhaça family for 3,500 years. A significantly cheaper product, but also “out of stock”, is the “monthly subscription to the Algarvias Hot Hype Channel” for 2.50 euros.

Among the products that can actually be bought and used, you will find t-shirts that not only celebrate the famous family of the series, such as the Jesus Quisto, the Agrobetos (not accidentally celebrated in polo) under other references to “Pôr do Sol “”.

T-shirts cost 19.90 euros and polo shirts cost 24.90 euros in sizes XS to XL. The project was developed by Eat Your Cake and the producer Coyote Vadio, who also produce the series.

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