You can no longer watch adult movies on your console


Game consoles allow you to play games, view multimedia content, or chat with friends. However, almost all of them allow you to connect to the internet or even sail there through a browser. Some take the opportunity to view adult content, others no doubt to find culinary recipes. Unfortunately, the PlayStation 5 does not allow this.

Disappointments are to be expected

Sony recently confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will not have an internet browser upon launch. And whoever says there is no internet browser inevitably means that it is impossible to access a pornographic website via the next-gen console. Of course, if you have an Android TV, the question is not even whether your TV has an internet browser so you are saved.

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For the others, we’ll have to wait and see for Sony to add this feature to their PlayStation 5. The PlayStation 5 was released in some parts of the world on November 12th and is not complete to begin with. In particular, Sony needs to enable storage expansion, which is currently limited to the console SSD. It is important to note, however, that PlayStation gamers make up some of the traffic on porn sites like Pornhub.

Last December, during its annual focus on stats recorded over the course of the current year, the Canadian adult website found that of all gamers using their console to watch Pornhub content, 51.5% came from PlayStation. That traffic is likely extremely low compared to the 42 billion visits in 2019. However, PlayStation 5 gamers who want to use their new console for a moment of relaxation will have to wait a little longer.