You can choose the color of your console


In July last year, another leak revealed that the PlayStation 5, like its predecessor, would have a replaceable case. Information that seems to be true since a retailer recently put PlayStation 5 hulls on sale. Different colors are available so that gamers can customize their console to their liking.

Cases to personalize your PlayStation 5

As the PlayStation Lifestyle website cleverly noted, prop company has already put personalized cases for the PlayStation 5 on sale. Five colors are available: Limited Edition V1 Matte Black, Chromatic, Cherry Red, Jungle Camo, Indigo Blue. These cases are priced at $ 39.99 each and come in two versions to match the PlayStation 5 Classic and Digital Edition designs.

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If we believe in PlateStation 5, these shells will be sent on November 12th, which is the PlayStation 5 release date in the US and Japan. However, the products are only visible through 3D renderings. There are no real photos available. Additionally, this site is very similar to a dropshipping site that inherits all of the codes. So be careful if you want to order on it. Your order may be stuck somewhere.

Instead of taking unnecessary risks, we recommend waiting for Sony to formalize this possibility before potentially marketing official PlayStation-stamped cases. Anyway, this prop maker is proving that there has been a real demand for the appearance of the PlayStation 5.