You are offered to defeat COVID-19 as if you were the reconnaissance battalion

We’re in the middle of Season 4 of Attack on Titan and it’s hard to miss. Recently we let you talk about how the titans might be censored in certain countries in the world and the anecdote made you smile. Attack on Titan is the anime of the moment, and a Swiss site got this well as it drew a lot of parallels with COVID-19.

The explanatory video with the reconnaissance battalion that hits the mark

The new Swiss media company Heidi News has created an impressive and clever video to explain how the effective messenger RNA vaccine against COVID-19 works and to create metaphors and parallels to the exploration battalion and the titans. In this video, the body’s immune response is compared to the exploration battalion, and the enemy, which is the virus, is compared to the titans. We let you discover the video in question:

The end of the video is final:

No, your genetic material will not be changed. You are not going to turn into a giant coronavirus or a 15-meter titan. You will simply pass the enemy’s plans on to your body and give it a chance to prepare for battle in order to defeat it.

The great earth movement is therefore not on the program for the next few decades in our world. It remains to be seen what will be in the anime (if you are a reader we strongly recommend that you do not disclose anything in the comments section to spoil those who just watch the anime).

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