XBox and Playstation’s Rival – Project Spartacus will launch next week

It’s said that Sony will compete with the Xbox Game Pass service by next week. Spartacus is the code name for a subscription service for video games that is in the works. First and third-party games are expected to be added to the mix.

There was also a report from Bloomberg about this service. It says that it will start out with recent movies. It’s not like with Game Pass, though. Users should not expect big releases like God of War: Ragnarok to show up on the platform right away.

It will combine PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus into a single service, giving customers a choice of different tiers. The PS Plus lets you play games with other people online on your console. The Now lets you play old games for free and on your computer.

Jeff Grubb, a game journalist, said last month that the service will be broken into three tiers: Essential, Extra, and Premium. Each tier costs $10 (Rs 750), $13 (Rs 975), and $16 (Rs 1200). The Bloomberg report also says that the most expensive tier will get longer demos and the “ability to stream games over the internet.” This is also in line with what Bloomberg said (cloud gaming).

It will also be able to play “classic games,” which are games from previous Playstation eras, like PS1, PS2, and PS3. The other two tiers are likely to be different versions of this, with the Essential package getting the same benefits as the Essential package, like free monthly games and online multiplayer. If you pay for the Extra tier, you get access to 300 downloadable games that aren’t available anymore when the service ends. This is more like how the Game Pass works.

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Sony hasn’t said anything about these rumors, and there’s no word on how the prices and packages will be distributed or how much they will cost, either, so far. It costs Rs 499 a month for PlayStation Plus, and Rs 2999 for a whole year. On the other hand, PS Now is not available in India at this time. It costs $9.99 a month and $59.99 a year.

In a November interview with TASS, President Jim Ryan was asked about his thoughts on Xbox Game Pass. Ryan said, “There is actually news to come, but just not today.” We have PlayStation Now, which is our paid service, and it’s available in a lot of places.

It was just last week that Microsoft also cut the prices for its Game Pass subscription service in India, making it cheaper for the basic version to cost Rs 349 per month on both PC and console. Rs 499 per month used to be the price for the Ultimate version; now it’s only $49. The new prices are expected to start in April 2022.