WTF, cops skip robbery to hunt down Relaxo


The police are sometimes frowned upon. It must be said that the behavior of some of its members does not help, like these two cops who have just been fired for preferring to play Pokémon GO and failing to do their duty.

Pokémon GO, an addicting game

In 2017, no one could miss the Pokémon GO phenomenon. Mobile game with undeniable critical and, above all, commercial success, it has made headlines on numerous occasions, both for its record numbers and for the antics of its players. Indeed, some of them, consciously or not, hadn’t hesitated to endanger their lives or that of others while hunting for Pokémon. Because for those who have forgotten, Pokémon GO is an augmented reality game where you have to move around in the real world in search of arenas and creatures.

A few days ago we learned that LAPD officers in Los Angeles had just been released and sentenced for playing the Phenomenon game on duty four years ago. And if we can blame them for that, the situation is even worse.

Catch criminals or Pokémon, you have to choose

“Agent Mitchell alerted Lozano that Snorlax had just shown up”: Here is one of the takeaways from the official documents made available in connection with the firing of the two police officers, which had a 20 minute call for robbery intervention nearby business ignored center. On patrol in their company car, they searched the city of Los Angeles in search of Pokémon and declared that they “didn’t care”.[aient]”Calls.

The two defendants tried to defend their case by making sure they weren’t playing and were only talking about Pokémon GO, but the argument is barely tenable when the on-board camera on their dashboard saw sentences like “Fuck, man, that thing, [le pokémon Togetic], gets rid of me “.

The (former) agents Mitchell and Lozano can at least comfort each other that they weren’t ripped off because of Pokémon.