Wrong certificates for corona opponents? Check medical associations | Free press


Berlin (dpa) – Nationally, state medical associations are following up several hundred reports in which doctors have allegedly violated professional or infection protection laws in connection with the corona pandemic. This is the result of an investigation by the German news agency.

However, according to the national medical associations, different referrals may refer to the same doctors, and therefore, according to the assessment of the national medical associations, more than 500,000 registered doctors in Germany are individual cases.

For example, the information pertains to complaints against doctors making false statements to release opponents of the corona measures from the mask obligation. The professional regulations of the federal states contain clear rules: Whether a doctor can testify to a person about the unreasonableness of mouth and nose protection must always be carefully monitored and decided in each individual case. “The issue of a blank certificate without prior consultation with a doctor is not consistent with medical due diligence,” said the National Medical Association of Baden-Württemberg.

The notes refer not only to so-called certificates of courtesy, but also to disregarding the hygiene regulations in medical practices or to critical statements about the risk of a pandemic, as evidenced by the information from the state medical associations. The Bremen Medical Association announces: “As long as private physicians express their views on the corona pandemic, expressions are allowed within the framework of the freedom of expression that applies to all citizens. When referring to this professional position and expertise, physicians must comply with the prescriptions of the medical professional code. “

According to the National Medical Association, about 340 complaints against doctors related to the corona pandemic had arrived in Baden-Württemberg by February 2021. In February 2021 alone, there were 37 reports, five of which were forwarded to the public prosecutor. How the national medical associations handle the information in detail and what fines are imposed varies somewhat from country to country. In any case, it is not the State Medical Association that is responsible for a possible withdrawal of the license, but the license to practice medicine.

According to its own information, the Bavarian State Medical Association does not keep statistics on occupational complaints. Only “a few cases” have become known where convenience certificates have been issued. However, in just over 20 cases there was evidence against physicians who did not adhere to the Infection Protection Regulation.

According to the State Medical Association, there are reports against 49 doctors in Thuringia. Two cases are currently under professional investigation, one a public prosecutor. According to its own information, the Saxon State Medical Association is investigating about 60 cases. So far, 12 infection protection violations have been forwarded to health authorities. In addition, there are four cases that have led to criminal prosecution. According to the Medical Association, there are currently a dozen cases in connection with the corona pandemic in Saxony-Anhalt.

According to the Medical Association, at least 35 complaints have been received in Berlin in connection with the corona pandemic since March 2020. This mainly concerns complaints from patients who, in a doctor’s practice, did not have to wear a mouth and nose protector, or were even asked to take one off, even in the waiting room. Initially there was no information for Brandenburg.

The Medical Association of Lower Saxony announced that it had 91 complaints so far. Very few should be transferred to a professional investigation. There are single digit numbers of criminal investigations. The North Rhine-Westphalia-Lippe medical associations have investigated about 40 complaints, according to their own information. For example, as announced by the North Rhine Medical Association, medical exemptions from the mask requirement had been advertised on the Internet.

According to the National Medical Association, there have been five professional law exams in Rhineland-Palatinate. Four warnings have been issued so far. “During times when such demonstrations don’t take place, we get fewer reports,” said the State Medical Association. The suspected cases that became known to the National Medical Association of Hesse are all currently being investigated by the professional court according to their own information: there are four and the trend is downward.

In Schleswig-Holstein, the number of professional testing procedures related to the corona pandemic is estimated in the low double digits. In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, cases involving the issue of false medical certificates are in the single digit range, according to the Medical Association. Initially there was no information for Hamburg.

According to the responsible medical association, there are no complaints related to courtesy reports in Saarland. No proceedings are currently pending in Bremen either. The medical association had investigated three cases here, but saw no reason to take professional action.