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At Mccourier, we are always looking for ways to help our clients reach their target audiences and that includes a variety of advertising channels. We have recently started accepting sponsored posts on both social media platforms as well as within the content itself!

We are accepting sponsored posts on a worldwide basis. We have good Traffic across Tier 1 countries like the United States, UK, and Canada as well as other regions that are growing in popularity for eCommerce sites to market.

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Date: 25th Feb 2022

We provide the latest news in your favorite categories: events, trending topics, and more. You share what’s on your mind with us so our readers can get all of their information from you!
The people who are following Mccourier will never miss an update again because we post it at times convenient for each individual subscriber.

If you are on this page, I understand that the last thing your business needs is another post cluttering up their site. But just getting one sponsored post isn’t enough to get a good return on investment- here’s what will really make it worthwhile for them:

1) Offer relevant content from someone who has credibility in the field or related topic (a guest blogger).

2.) Link through other pages of value at no cost so people stay around longer.

3.) Include links back directly into the website.

4.) If possible also include some social media shares.

For all the Guest Post related queries, you can contact us on our official email-id:

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Traffic on Guest Post:

For those of you that don’t know, I’m happy to say that our site is now in “Google News” and will be featured on the first page for most searches it means our website is at the top stories. So keep an eye out!

Top Stories

Engaging Content:

You may think that writing engaging content is hard, but the truth of the matter is you simply need some creativity and Fluency. How many thoughts are going through our heads every day? 60,000! It’s not difficult to keep readers engaged with your articles if they know what will happen next or how their situation relates back to something in-universe (aka fanfiction).

The key to success for a writer is not always writing long articles. You must make sure your article has some sort of hook or question at the end so it will be interesting enough that readers want more than just one read through, according to Anecdote Magazine’s page on strategies for promoting content online as well as how YouTube creators use hooks in their videos and podcasts too!

Make sure you also employ metaphors and similes within these longer pieces by using them strategically inside each paragraph when appropriate; after all, we’re trying to keep our audience engaged here… right? And never forget about facts — they do indeed help contribute positively towards making any given post memorable (and if nothing else certainly informative).

What Are The Topics do We Accept?

There are so many categories to explore on our website! Just find one that catches your interest and have at it. We can take care of everything from DIY tips, tech, gadgets, essay writing, recipes for the kitchen or bathroom; just about anything you might need in those types of spaces is right here waiting with us…

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