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Would you like to spend a night in the Casa do Campo by “O Amor Happe”? NiT explains where it’s going

Would you like to spend a night in the Casa do Campo by “O Amor Happe”? NiT explains where it’s going

The house where Joana and Miguel spend their week is in a rural area of ​​Montijo, with a salt pool and lake on the property.

“O Amor Happen” premiered on TVI on Sunday July 4th and divided four couples into four secluded homes with different properties. Catarina Mendes and Tiago Falcão are in Casa da Praia, Ide Vieira and Jorge Santos are in Casa da Serra, Cláudia Sousa and Diogo Nasser are installed in Moinho and Joana Barroso and Miguel Cruz are guests in Casa do Campo.

The TV station gave the accommodations these names – but it doesn’t reveal what they are really called. However, NiT explains you how to rent a house identical to Joana and Miguel’s in the countryside: all you have to do is drive past Herdade do Moinho Novo in Canha, in the municipality of Montijo.

This room has eight completely identical hanging houses – what changes is the interior. Participants in the TVI program are located in the Casa Colonial, which contains several paintings that belonged to the owner’s grandparents. This house will still be unavailable as the recording of “O Amor Haeses” is in progress. In fact, auditions continue to take place – four new couples are introduced every week.

In addition, Herdade do Moinho Novo has for example Casa Industrial, Casa Belle poque, Casa Futuro, Casa Vintage and Casa Floresta. All are mainly made of wood and can accommodate two adults and three children. They have an equipped kitchenette, a bathroom and a balcony with a view of the lake, the countryside and the swimming pool in a quiet and natural setting.

The story of Herdade do Moinho Novo

João Carlos Inácio, a 49-year-old agricultural entrepreneur, felt the desire to make a living from the land early on. In 1997 he left the city of Lisbon and went to the countryside. It started with keeping ostriches and cows on a dry land of 60 hectares, and at the moment it has the tourist unit in the same place.

The property is 55 kilometers from Lisbon and its entire concept revolves around environmental sustainability. It has a saltwater pool, a lake for canoeing, a dog hotel and a covered space for events.

In the late 1990s, João Carlos Inácio had just completed his agricultural studies in Lisbon and decided to get into the area. Then he went to Canha. He bought land near the village and temporarily rented a house. This year the construction of the square began, electricity and water were installed – as there was nothing on the land.

In 2000 I went to the fields every day to work with the animals. It started with ostriches and cows – then there were horses, pigs, sheep, ponies, goats, chickens and ducks, among others.

In 2004 she opened the dog hotel. Two years later she started running events – for companies, weddings or children’s parties – with partners who offer catering and other activities.

In 2009 she organized summer camps for children and in 2011 weekends for families were already regular. They lived in four-person tents, did activities with animals, and took part in recycling workshops. At that moment, João Carlos imagined something bigger and more permanent – he decided to create Herdade do Moinho Novo. The construction of the houses integrated into the landscape began in 2013. The project was carried out by the local team of Semgaffes architects.

The value of the houses varies between € 149 and € 169 per night (for two adults) in this summer season. However, many of the houses are already fully booked for the next few months. Children aged three and over pay € 20 per night. Children under three do not pay anything. Breakfast is always included.

There are many activities to do, from biking to horseback riding to picnics and massages. Some of them are included in the price. You can make reservations on the various accommodation platforms, but also on the Herdade do Moinho Novo website, by email at casas@nullmoinhonovo.com or by calling 938 307 972.

Also read NiT’s interview with Alexandre Machado, the neuropsychologist who formed the pairs of “O Amor Happen”. Click on the gallery to see more photos of Herdade do Moinho Novo.


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