worrying and appalling numbers in 2020 in France and around the world


The flat earth theory is shared by all “platists” who generally gather on forums to discuss this conspiracy and to provide their own evidence of this phenomenon. Several surveys on this subject in recent years are clear: there is currently a significant increase in platists worldwide, which affects the younger generations more.

The flat earth theory

In 1956, Englishman Samuel Shenton founded the Flat Earth Society, an organization that claims the earth is flat. The current chairman, Daniel Shenton, took over the management of the company from California in 2004. All proponents of the flat earth theory claim that there is a widespread conspiracy on the part of space agencies and air traffic control services. , States as well as manufacturers of GPS. On the other hand, the reasons for this conspiracy vary depending on the members interviewed, as do the depictions of the flat earth.

However, according to proponents of this theory, the earth generally looks like a gigantic motionless disk surrounded by a huge wall of ice (Antarctica) and crowned by a kind of dome that covers both the sun and the moon. Scientists, of course, immediately reject these theories, often ironically asking their followers why no one ever fell off the edge of the earth. As it turns out, the Platists have another theory about this, as well as the many other problems with flat earth theory.

The explanations of the plates

Connor Murphy, a prominent proponent of the flat earth theory, has publicly stated why no one can find the “edge” of the earth. We let you discover his explanations given during an interview for Unilad:

Do you fall into what, do you know what you are talking about? There is no reason to fall This is a misunderstanding. The way we see the earth is a closed system. (…) There is the firmament – or the dome – and there is water above and water below, but it is impossible to fall, and there is certainly no anti-gravity allowing us to float and find other suns.

Hence, according to Connor Murphy, the platists’ representation as we know them where water would fall on its sides is wrong, as in reality a dome would cover the entire earth and the water would flow up and down. Thanks to this snowball shape, we just couldn’t fall.

When a journalist trying to get close to a member of the Platistes draws a photo taken by NASA, the answer is clear: it is a Photoshop montage. Man’s first steps on the moon? A vulgar production. But who are really the ones who strongly support this theory, and how many are there in the world today? We inquired about the subject to see more clearly.

Platists today

According to an Ifop poll, 9% of French people are platists or do not rule out the possibility that the earth can be flat. In Brazil, 11 million people are strong supporters of this theory. In the United States it would be 16%. The real problem with these numbers (aside from the fact that they are generally higher than you’d think) is that in the United States, 34% of 18- to 24-year-olds, or one-third of young people, support this theory. It can be said, therefore, that the theory is gaining ground among the younger generations, and that is something we will have to look out for in the future.

According to the various studies that have been carried out on the subject around the world (based in particular on special forums and the number of subscribers to websites that share these ideas), this theory has been widespread in social networks since 2016, an important year platistic theory, as many supporters have been recruited this year. Since this year in particular, the number of believers has increased annually. The annual Terreplatistes conference takes place in mid-November and was attended by 600 people last year who paid 220 euros to attend the event. This year, COVID-19 will surely be right, although organizers expected at least as many, if not more, people to be received.

One killed in action

As a reminder, some gave their lives to prove that the earth was really flat, like Mike Hughes recently, a real star in the platformer world. The latter felt that NASA was leading a grand conspiracy to hide the true shape of our planet from us.

The latter had therefore started to manufacture a self-made steam rocket in his garage in order to transport it to an altitude of 1,500 meters and take photos at the point where the earth’s atmosphere meets space. Unfortunately, his experience turned sour when parachutes were torn off as the rocket launched, which then plunged into the desert. Mike Hugues died instantly. This event got very prominent on YouTube as there are multiple YouTubers platists. It turns out that the latter are sometimes victims of censorship as the YouTube robot also attacks videos that provoke conspiracy theories. Proof for these YouTubers that there is indeed a truth to be hidden.