World Of Warcraft Expansion is Rumored on April 19 – Find the Complete News here!!

As soon as the next few months go by, Blizzard Entertainment is going to make a lot of new Warcraft-related announcements. The studio has released a roadmap for a new expansion for WoW and a new mobile game.

On March 15, 2022, Blizzard’s online card game, Hearthstone, is getting a new expansion. This is the first of three in the whole year. As long as you keep watching Hearthstone Grandmasters (a tournament on YouTube), you’ll be able to get special in-game drops. People who play Warcraft also play in a tournament called “Arena World Championship,” which starts on March 18.

A month after that, the company will show off the next big expansion for World of Warcraft. It will come after the DLC (downloadable content) called Shadowlands comes out in November 2020. When Eternity’s End comes out at the end of the game’s expansion, players will be able to go to a new land called Zereth Mortis.

In May, Blizzard will show off the much-anticipated Warcraft game for mobile phones and tablets. As part of Activision’s quarterly report, the company said that Blizzard is planning a lot of new Warcraft-themed content for the games World of Warcraft and Hearthstone, as well as new mobile Warcraft content that will be the first of its kind.

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Blizzard has used the mobile platform before with Hearthstone, a game that has some similarities to Warcraft’s lore. WoW has a recurring payment plan that unlocks new levels and characters after you reach level 25. Apps that run third-party stores are effectively banned by Apple’s rules. The company will have to follow these rules.

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Blizzard will have to give up 30 percent of the money they make from in-game purchases. They might even raise the prices of some items. Diablo Immortal, the company’s first mobile game, was supposed to come out in 2021, but it was pushed back because of changes and feedback from an alpha test.

Activision says that the mobile game has finished its public testing and has been well-received. Not only that, but Blizzard is also working on a new survival game that hasn’t been named yet. They’re looking for new people to help make it happen.

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