Wordlebot: How to improve your word game performance using wordlebot

The New York Times has released WordleBot, an online application that allows you to review your Wordle outcomes and assess your abilities (or lack thereof).

WordleBot will analyse your Wordle games and provide you with strategic suggestions.

What is Wordle?

Wordle is an online word game that you can play every day here. It’s simple, enjoyable, and, like a crossword puzzle, can only be completed once per day. There’s a new word of the day every 24 hours, and it’s up to you to find out what it is. The rules are explained in great detail on the website:


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What Is WordleBot and How Do I Use Wordlebot?

Taking a stab at Wordle’s choice of the day isn’t always as simple as tossing a dart in the dark now that the New York Times has upped the ante with more hard word selections. For many, the game now has a greater sense of purpose. People don’t just want to get the word correct the first time; they want to get it perfect the second time as well. Then there’s WordleBot.

WordleBot is a statistical tool that will not only calculate your degree of talent versus your luck habit, but will also help you improve your Wordle skills. As a result, it will assist you in completing the puzzle in as few steps as possible.

How do i use wordlebot?

To begin, do your daily Wordle. Second, and most importantly, use the same web browser that you used to play Wordle to navigate to WordleBot. Then, as you tap through the subsequent pages, WordleBot explains what you did well and where you could improve.

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The best feature of WordleBot is its teachings on how to choose the best starting word, which determines how quickly you finish the problem. It then teaches you how to make the best word selections in order to eliminate as many words as possible, particularly vowels.

Do not be alarmed. Because you must complete the Wordle first and then travel to your daily Wordle buddy, WordleBot will not reveal the daily word to you.

And, as of today, the New York Times has published the ideal opening word to get the most out of your daily Wordles, with the release of WordleBot. Any guesses on what it is? We’re going to tell you anyway. Normal mode is CRANE, while “hard mode” is DEALT.

Have you completed your Wordle for the day? If you haven’t already, here’s your chance. Best of luck!

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