With this technology, you can fly with your broom


What if you could finally fly your broom like in the world of Harry Potter? Two Brazilians tried to make this possible with simple but effective technology.

What if Quidditch becomes a reality?

To your snouts and your Quaffles! We muggles could soon be playing against wizards in their favorite sport: Quidditch. Thanks to technology implemented by two Brazilians, the feeling of flying on a broom is now possible. This creation, signed by Vinícius Sanctus (39) and Alessandro Russo (28), reaches a speed of 60 km / h and has a mechanism similar to the Segway from which it is inspired. They attached a broom with a simple metal structure to a mono wheel. Secondary use, nothing rocket science! To accelerate, all you have to do is lean back and lean back to brake. Finally, shift your weight to one side to turn the machine.

The two makers say that their product is initially intended for short daily trips to the streets of São Paulo. In terms of marketing, the machine is currently reserved for personal consumption only. However, the two inventors plan to offer it for sale in the future for the modest sum of 620 euros.