With this superhero, DC has its own Deadpool in addition to WTF


Deadpool is arguably one of the most popular Marvel characters. Particularly cheeky, constantly breaking through the fourth wall, trashy, but still very strong. But did you know that in addition to WTF, DC also has “its own Deadpool”?

A Deadpool DC Edition

Some may not know, but Deadpool was originally created as a parody of Deathstroke, a character from the DC Universe. But aside from their name and their passion for violence and murder, Wade and Slade don’t have much in common. Deathstroke is one of DC’s strongest mercenaries, while Deadpool is one of Marvel’s strongest mercenaries. It’s not the same!

But another DC character has a lot in common with Deadpool. This is Ambush Bug that appeared in the Superman # 30 comic. This new defender of Metropolis happily borrows Deadpool’s personality, arrogant and sarcastic. Both characters also have the unfortunate tendency to break through the 4th wall and speak directly to readers. After all, none of them are respected by their peers.

In the latest edition of Superman, Metropolis is placed in the care of a team of heroes against a hypnotist named Projectoress. One of his minions, able to turn into water to get rid of them, decides to enter Ambush Bug’s cafe to smother him. The latter will manage to confront him on his own from suffocating, while his allies, who believe he is still making a scene, completely ignore him. Kind! Level powers, he can teleport in the multiverse and has green armor (very ugly) that protects him from certain attacks.

His unpredictable side makes him very powerful against powerful enemies, even if he gets hit a little more ridiculously by characters … Ambush Bug is not a new or unknown character. In fact, it’s very old since it came out in 1982! Just like Deadpool, he was a stupid villain who joined the team he had previously faced.