With this news, the world stopped: Netflix will have video games


With this news, the world stopped: Netflix will have video games

There were already rumors that the platform wanted to expand the services. The official confirmation has now arrived. And it’s coming soon.

From 2022, Netflix will offer video games in addition to films, series and documentaries. The global platform is thus reaching a market that has long overtaken cinema and sports. Video games currently generate annual sales of over 250 billion euros. And this trend will continue to grow.

News of this spike in the platform’s catalog came from Bloomberg, which said Netflix has even hired Mike Verdu, a former manager of Electronic Arts (EA) and Facebook, to lead the team that is running the new project will develop.

“The games will already be included in the current tariff and appear as a new program genre, similar to what Netflix did with documentaries or stand-up specials. The company currently has no plans to charge more for content, ”revealed one of the sources cited by Bloomberg, who refused to be named.

These revelations confirmed what was said by The Information on May 21st. According to the article, Netflix will have “contacted veteran gaming industry executives regarding joining the company” to expand beyond traditional entertainment.

Following the publication of this news, Netflix shares rose 2.8 percent early on Thursday, July 15.