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Winner of “The Voice”? “What failed was the Portuguese people”

Winner of “The Voice”? “What failed was the Portuguese people”

Comedian and chronicler Miguel Lambertini analyzes the final of the RTP1 music competition.

Rodrigo Lourenco was the winner.

On my evening this Sunday, February 6th, I chose “The Voice” over The Voice. See what I’ve been doing here? Not as impressive as the dress presented by Cristina Ferreira at the Big Brother Famosos Gala, where the beautiful neckline was combined with a Rapunzel-style hairdo.

In addition, the Disney mood was very present in this Sunday’s prime time, as Catarina Furtado was also gorgeous in a pink dress with a touch of Sleeping Beauty, completing the princely look with a tiara adorning her hair.

Chef Ljubomir, on SIC, I didn’t see it – but he must have been with his usual Captain Hook attitude and ordered to come with PAN and his friends because they don’t eat beef.

Speaking of characters who still look like teenagers despite being 40 years old, we miss Vasco Palmeirim, who with the change of date probably had an appointment at Neverland as early as five o’clock and therefore had to leave.

How did I find the final this Sunday? Well, I immediately felt like that very funny PSD MEP on election night who said that “the Portuguese people failed”.

That’s exactly what I felt now when I saw the first results of the votes that placed Mariana Rocha and Edmundo Inácio in fourth and fifth place: the people have failed.

As an integral part of the people, I personally would have voted Edmundo the winner. Any artist who sings “Communion of Goods” as dazzlingly and emotionally as he does deserves to win everything and more.

It’s not because of the subject itself, but because of the connotation attached to it, which Edmundo has done a good job of deconstructing. Being able to remove the stigma of a song they call “pimba” and touch the public in that way is something not accessible to everyone.

Whether it’s a song by Ágata or “I threw the cat’s bread” (my Catraio explained to me that’s what it’s called now) Edmundo goes beyond the symbolic level and conveys an emotion all of its own, which is a true sensory experience. Of course, in all art forms, including politics, there is a taste for everything, and I’m not saying that Rodrigo Lourenço isn’t a great singer or doesn’t deserve to have won, quite the opposite, but for me something is missing.

I don’t know how to translate it, but Americans call it “star quality,” a set of traits that are a mixture of talent, charisma, and originality. Something that is very present, for example, with each of the mentors or even the guest artists that were on the program that Sunday.

From Piruka – with his hat of someone who just got off work – to the charming Vitorino, passing the incredible Paulo de Carvalho, Anselmo Ralph or Gisela João, all without exception, more than just performers, are very expressive of their own art.

When people think that someone who is very finely tuned but is just a different voice is funny, they’re right. But I ask: is it fun to see someone sing very well in a karaoke bar? In my opinion no. I find it infinitely more fun to have a drunk trying to mumble Da Vinci’s “Conqueror” than to bring home a Celine Dion. Especially when that drunk is me.


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