Windows 10 and the Office suite benefit from great promotions


Teleworking is increasingly present in the shadow of a renewed containment. Up-to-date software is required to optimize the present moment, but also the entire setup, in order to avoid computer threats as much as possible. And that’s a good thing, Windows 10 and the Office suite benefit from great promotions.

Mini prices

Once again the prices on the platform are low. There you will find the product keys at particularly attractive prices, an opportunity for you to pamper yourself without breaking the bank. This makes it possible to use the Office suite and Windows 10 at low prices. We then find:

But is also a variety of promotional codes. They offer various great promotions and are easy to use. And with good reason, it is enough to simply put them in the accompanying dish to benefit from their effects. Thanks to the code “DLE66” it is therefore possible in particular to benefit from a reduction of 62% for the following products:

If you use the code “DLE55”, a 55% discount applies to the products concerned. The office suite is therefore affordable for those interested. We then find:

Mini prices that might well be enough to convince you to take the plunge.