Will Wayne Season 2 be released in 2022? Check its release date, and plot here!!

Since its 2019 launch on YouTube’s premium channel, “Wayne” has shown to be the ultimate underdog, both on and off-screen. Wayne (Mark McKenna), an enraged adolescent, goes on a brutal road journey with his girlfriend Del (Ciara Bravo) to reclaim his father’s Pontiac Trans-Am, which has gone missing. People loved it because it was chaotic and disgusting at the same time.

It looked like someone mixed a John Green book and “Dirty Harry” in a blender. The issue was never a lack of supporters. Instead, once YouTube opted to abandon the scripted originals sector, “Wayne” was forced to live on the streets.

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Season 1 of “Wayne” was bought by Amazon Prime in November 2020, giving the show new life. Since then, the show has grown in popularity, with more people finding Wayne and Del’s breathtaking road trip journey, and those same fans begging for more. There is no official word from Amazon that “Wayne” will be coming back, but it has also not been cancelled, which is bad.

As a result, the critically acclaimed adolescent dramedy, which presently has a flawless score of 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, is on hold. Despite the fact that Amazon has yet to purchase a second season of “Wayne,” the show’s creator, Shawn Simmons, has huge hopes for the series. Continue reading to learn what we know thus far about a possible “Wayne” Season 2!

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Wayne Season 2 Release Date

There is currently no information on when a prospective Season 2 of “Wayne” would premiere because the show has not yet been renewed. Fans would likely have to wait for a long time for new episodes even if Amazon bought another season. The cast has been working on various projects since Season 1 was published in 2019.

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When it comes to the Peacock original series “One of Us Is Lying,” Mark McKenna, for example, has been cast. The show is now in pre-production. Because there can’t be a “Wayne” without Wayne, a second season will have to wait until the young actor has more time. It’s possible that McKenna could start filming Season 2 of Wayne in the second half of 2021, giving the show a summer 2022 release date at the very least.

Before McKenna and the other actors move on to other projects, if Amazon buys a second season, that’s what could happen.

Wayne Season 2 -Plot Information

“Wayne” is a story that Simmons can relate to because it is set in Brockton, Massachusetts, which is where he grew up. As a result, even though he’s still waiting to hear from Amazon about whether or not they want to keep the show, he’s already written the Season 2 opener and planned out the rest of the season. In a November 2020 interview with Inverse, the show’s creator talked about what Wayne and Del will do next.

Simmons said, “I don’t think it’s very important to say that Wayne is in jail.” Del is in a situation I won’t get into, but Wayne is trying to go straight and get back to Del and find the peace that he needs.

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There is one person who would like to see Season 2 happen. Mark McKenna would like to see it happen. According to Inverse, he told the showrunner: “The writing for the first episode of Season 2 is one of the best I’ve read in the “Wayne” story I’ve read.” “It would be so lovely if I could make it. It would be great.”

Because “Wayne” hasn’t shown any new episodes since 2019, people shouldn’t write it off just yet. If any show can beat the odds and come back after so long, it’s “Wayne.”

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