Will there be season 2 of winning time? Here’s everything to know about the HBO Series!!

The first season of “Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty” on HBO has been a fun and sometimes controversial look at the “Showtime” Lakers, who had NBA legends like Earvin “Magic” Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on their teams. Since the series is controversial, fans are eagerly thinking about whether Winning Time Season 2 will launch or cancel.

But the series hasn’t just been about the players who helped the team win the title. In “Winning Time,” the stories of Jerry Buss, Jack McKinney, Paul Westhead, and Pat Riley were told in a way that was partly made up.

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And then there’s Jerry West, who was so upset with how he was portrayed that he asked for an apology and for the story to be taken back. Abdul-Jabbar was also upset with the show. He wrote that it “lacked both substance and humor.”

Will there be Season 2 of Winning Time on HBO Max? - Inspired Traveler

“Winning Time” has been a hit with both critics and viewers, even though it has been criticized. On Rotten Tomatoes, the show has a score of 84 percent from critics and 85 percent from viewers, and as Season 1 has gone on, the number of people who watch it has only gone up.

So, it’s not a surprise that HBO wants to show more purple and gold in its shows.

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Will there be Winning Time Season 2?

HBO said last month that “Winning Time” will be back for a second season. After Episode 5 aired, which was watched by 1.2 million people on multiple platforms, HBO announced that Season 2 would be made.

Executive vice president of HBO programming Francesca Orsi said, “It’s been a thrill to bring ‘Winning Time’ to life with [executive producers] Adam McKay and Max Borenstein, our amazing producing team, and this amazing cast.”

Winning Time Season 2: Is the Rise of the Lakers Dynasty Coming Back?

“This series not only tells the exciting story of how the Lakers got to where they are now, but it also looks back at a time when basketball, fame, and the city of Los Angeles changed in big ways. “We can’t wait to see what the next chapter of this dynasty will be like with this team.”

Max Borenstein and Jim Hecht will keep working on the show, and director Adam McKay will stay on as a producer as well. It is not known, though, if McKay will direct any episodes of Winning Time season 2.

Winning Time Season 2: Plot Info

After the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA Championship in season 1, the second season of Winning Time should be about how they try to do it again. So, the series can only talk about the 1980–1981 NBA season. In season 2 of Winning Time, this should become a much bigger part of the story.

The Lakers have a harder time this year, which could mean that the story of Winning Time season 2 takes place during the 1980-81 and 1981-82 NBA seasons. In Winning Time episode 10, there is also a hint that Larry Bird is already working to get better so that he and the Boston Celtics can win the next championship, continuing the rivalry between the Lakers and Celtics in the 1980s.

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A Quick Recap of Winning Time

Winning Time was one of HBO’s most popular new shows in 2022. It was based on the true story of how the Los Angeles Lakers became the best team in the 1980s after they drafted Earvin “Magic” Johnson. The first season was all about Magic Johnson’s first year as a pro and the Lakers’ quest to win the NBA Championship.

Since Winning Time is based on a true story that happened over more than a decade and was later turned into a book by Jeff Pearlman, this was a very important time for the Los Angeles Lakers. As the first season of Winning Time went on, it showed how Magic Johnson got used to being an NBA star and how Kareem Abdul-Jabbar got back into basketball. Off the court, the Los Angeles Lakers went through a lot of hard times. For example, they had to find a new coach after Jerry West quit, and Jerry Buss took over as the owner.

Max Borenstein and Jim Hecht made the series Winning Time, which focused on Magic Johnson and the Los Angeles Lakers during the 1979–1980 NBA season. Most critics liked the show. Based on the limited information about how many people watched the series, it was also a big hit for HBO Max. The good response is good news for the chances of the second season of Winning Time.


That concludes with Winning Time Season 2. HBO has not yet revealed when Season 2 of “Winning Time” will begin shooting or debut on the network.

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