Will there be Pachinko Season 2? Find more about its release date, cast, plot, and trailer here!!

Pachinko is the type of epic story that could easily go wrong on screen, yet Apple TV+‘s version has defied the odds to become one of the best shows of the year. Since then, people have speculated about the likelihood of a Pachinko Season 2 and what it would contain.

Soo Hugh’s unique approach to the topic is responsible for much of this. Pachinko’s showrunner decided to merge numerous histories together, producing a mesmerizing tapestry of Sunja’s life across multiple generations at once, rather than using the same chronological approach as author Min Jin Lee did in the book.

As effective as this strategy is, it will only work if Pachinko is brought back for the numerous seasons it deserves. Hugh thankfully intends to continue the program for a total of four seasons, and Apple has now confirmed that season two will air in the fall.

Thus, here’s all we know about Pachinko Season 2 so far.

Pachinko Season 2 Release Date

It’s too early to ask for a release date for Pachinko Season 2 because the renewal arrived only a few weeks ago. Pachinko Season 2 may not be released until 2024, despite the fact that no formal date has been set. No worries because something is better than nothing. To add to that both Hugh and Theresa Kang-Lowe, the executive producer, had affirmed a few more seasons of Pachinko.

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A Quick Recap To Pachinko Season 1

The plot centres around Sunja, a strong woman who has travelled from Korea to Japan and ultimately to America. She brings two barrels of kimchi with her as she migrates to an unknown area in the hopes of surviving. Kimchi is a traditional Korean food that can be found in almost every Korean drama.

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The program is set around 1920, during Japan’s colonization of Korea. Sunja falls in love with a lovely stranger at the dock during this period, and she soon finds herself pregnant. She also learns that Hansu is married and hence chooses to marry a priest named Isak. Following the birth of her two kids, Isak is detained by the authorities on political grounds.

Expectations for "Pachinko" season 2 - KBIZoom

Sunja decides to sell kimchi at the pier in order to support herself and her sons while waiting for her husband to return. This only opens the way for the tenacious Sunja, who subsequently relocates to Osake in the hopes of a better life.

Pachinko Season 2: Cast Info

Youn Yuh-jung (as Kim Sunja), Kim Min-ha (as young Sunja), and Lee Min-ho (as Koh Hansu) are all but certain to return, with the following cast members expected to join them:

• Baek Mozasu is played by Soji Arai; Solomon Baek is played by Jin Ha

  • Baek Yoseb is played by Han Jun-woo; Kyunghee is played by Jung Eun-Chae.
  • Felice Choi as Kyunghee’s mother
  • Baek Isak is played by Steve Sanghyun Noh, and Naomi is played by Anna Sawai.
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Pachinko Season 2: Plot

Pachinko, of course, has many different timelines and personalities. Season one was just the tip of the iceberg. The director guaranteed the development of numerous characters in an interview with Deadline. They’re mostly interested in the complexities of relationships, particularly Mozasu and Noa’s brotherhood.

In the same interview, Kang Lowe said that when the stakes rise, ‘Season two it goes to an even bigger point of epic-ness in scale.’ There will be a few new faces and a lot of familiar faces this season. One of them will be Lee Min Ho.

“I’m enthusiastic about three things in season two,” co-creator Soo Hugh told Deadline. I think Kyunghee (Eun-Chae Jung) comes into her own as a person and a being in season two, and she’s one of my favourite characters in this story, so I’d love, love to see that.

I think we don’t get a catch of Mozasu and Noa’s brotherhood in season one because they’re so young, but their brotherhood is really amazing in season two. Then, in Pachinko season 2, there is a reunion, which is my favourite in the book. It’s a spoiler if I mention a name.

Is there any trailer for Pachinko Season 2?

Pachinko hasn’t released any new footage for season two yet, and we may have to wait a while longer. Meanwhile, replay the trailer above and, if you haven’t already, read author Min Jin Lee’s original masterpiece.

That’s all about it!! Stay tuned for the official release date of Pachinko Season 2!!