Will there be 365 Days Season 3? Is the series canceled or renewed?

The wait is over as 365 Days: This Day has finally been released on Netflix. Fans can’t wait to see Laura and Massimo back in the game. They’re both stronger than ever. This erotic movie is based on the first book in a trilogy by Blanka Lipska. Laura is a young woman who falls in love with a powerful Sicilian man named Massimo. He imprisons her and gives her 365 days to fall in love with him. After watching the second installment, everyone is now geared up for 365 Days Season 3.

Many people compare 365 Days to Fifty Shades of Grey, which is another movie series based on a trilogy of books. Fifty Shades had three movies made from each of the books.

The controversial, but still very popular, movie series is based on the book series by Blanka Lipiska. It’s likely that the third movie in the series will follow the third book’s plot. 365 Days: This day is based on the second book in the series.

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What is 365 Days Season 3 Release Date?

If you like Fifty Shades of Grey, you’ll like this one, too: Blanka Lipinska wrote three books in the 365 Days trilogy. Netflix is planning to make a movie for each one.

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It’s said that there will be a third party to finish the trilogy, so we could see 365 Days 3. Netflix, on the other hand, may not want to keep the show going if it doesn’t get a lot of viewers or ratings. It’s time to wait and see. The third book is called Kolejne 365 dni, or The Next 365 Days.

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As long as the show hasn’t been officially renewed, there isn’t any information about when it will come out. Because the sequel’s trailer is set to come out in a few hours. If you haven’t seen it yet, though, you can.

The second and third films were supposed to be made at the same time, with the same group of people working on both. And, of course, the main actors who played Massimo and Laura in the first movie are back. Michele Morrone and Anna-Maria Sieklucka will be back for 365 Days Season 3.

What will happen in 365 Days Season 3?

They get married and have a lot of fun together in the third book of the trilogy. Marcelo “Nacho” Matos, the leader of the rival mafia group, kidnaps Laura again at the end of the book and forces her to marry him. Laura changes sides and starts to like Nacho. A fight breaks out when Massimo tries to get Laura back.

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Laura is badly hurt. After she trusts Massimo and goes back to Massimo’s place, she soon finds out that he lied about Nacho playing with her. She has stuck there again and can’t leave. This is how the book ends: Laura gets away and goes back to Nacho. Nacho’s child is born. They flee, get married, and get married.

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We don’t know if the movie will follow the same plot or change it a little. 365 Days is not a love story at all, but the book makes it seem that way. Most of the people who watched the show didn’t like the ending. That makes us wonder if Netflix will change the ending or not. Guess we’ll have to wait until the official synopsis comes out to find out what it is about.

What about 365 Days Season 3 Star Cast?

Michele Morrone and Anna-Maria Sieklucka, who played the main characters Massimo and Laura in the first movie, will be back in the third season.

365 Days Plot Holes - 18 Questions We Have After Watching

Magdalena Lamparska, who played Laura’s best friend Olga in the first season, is back. Simone Susina is joining the cast as a new character called Nacho, who is competing with Massimo for Laura. Barbara Biaows and Tomasz Mandes made the first two films, and they will make the third and last one, too.

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The third movie should be called Next 365 Days if Netflix follows the book titles. That’s what the last book is called, and that’s what the third movie should be called. Some fans thought the second and third books were very different from each other, so it’s possible that some of them will be different in the movies.


That concludes with 365 Days Season 3. Although the date hasn’t been announced yet, the third installment of this erotic movie is almost confirmed. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we get the details about the same.

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