Will the Netflix’s Behind Her Eyes be renewed for the second season?

To make things worse, Behind Her Eyes is a limited series, which means the word “limited” can be used in a wide range of ways. Producers may want a show to last only one season, but if the show is very popular, any limitations are thrown out the window, and the show can go on for a long time. Season 1 can be awkward if it ties up all the loose ends. This gives the viewer a new reason to watch season 2: to see if the show can keep up the pace (see: Big Little Lies). This is especially true when a TV show is based on a book, like Netflix’s Behind Her Eyes.

The show, which is based on Sarah Pinbrough’s book of the same name, used Valentine’s Day premiere to become Netflix’s most popular show. It served up a classic psychological thriller with all the right ingredients. This is how the show starts: Louise (Simona Brown), who is a single mother, shares a drunken kiss with a man who turns out to be her new boss, David (Tom Bateman). In spite of her own advice, Louise gets to know David’s wife, Adele (Eve Hewson). When Louise and David start having sex, things get even more difficult for both of them.

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Louise learns that “Adele” is actually Adele’s old friend Rob, who can project his mind into Adele’s body. This twists the season 1 finale of Behind Her Eyes in a new way. On her own, Louise finds out about this power, and it completely changes the course of the story. The second season of Behind Her Eyes will be very different from the first. Here’s what we know for sure about a possible encore.

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Release Date

Netflix hasn’t said if it will keep Behind Her Eyes for a second season, but this assumption is based on the show’s popularity. If you look at The Numbers, at the end of February it was number two on Netflix in the United States as well as number one. Because the world has changed so much recently, it’s not clear when Netflix will buy a second season of the show. Season 1 took four months to film through What’s on Netflix, from June to October 2019. The show premiered in February 2021, 16 months after it was filmed. Season 2 would start in late 2022 if the same time frame holds.

In the second season of Behind Her Eyes, who will appear?

As long as Behind Her Eyes doesn’t try to be an anthology and instead focuses on the storey of Louise, David, and Adele, most of the actors should return for a second season. However, all of the astral projection and body changes may make it hard to tell who is who. Adele’s physical body dies at the end of season one, so it’s unlikely that Eve Hewson, who played Adele before, would play her again in the same way. Adele was never Adele at all. Rob has been taking Adele’s body for years, so the Adele we saw was never Adele. Still, because of how often flashbacks were used in the first season, we’re not ready to rule Eve Hewson out just yet.

The other way around: Louise, her husband David, and Louise’s son Adam were all saved. This meant that Brown, Bateman, and young Tyler Howett could return to their home. There is a chance that Rob’s real body will be shown in flashbacks. Robert Aramayo played Rob.

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Season 2 of Behind Her Eyes – Storyline

This is hard to predict because the first season had a good ending, but there could still be a storyline for a second season. That Rob has always loved David. He has also put his mind into Adele’s body, and “Adele” has always been Rob. This is what Louise learns at the end of season one. When Louise learns this, Rob’s consciousness comes into her body, and Louise’s consciousness comes into Adele’s.

A person named Rob, who is disguised as a woman named Louise, killed Louise-in-body. Adele’s Rob then married David and raised Adam. Until the end of the season finale, David doesn’t know that Louise is actually Rob. By then, Adam suspects that something is wrong with his mother.