Will Smith in the worst shape of his life after 1 year in prison


In a recent Instagram post, Will Smith shared a photo of his body after giving birth and confessed that he was in the worst physical shape of his life.

Will Smith at his worst

The lockdowns associated with the pandemic haven’t been easy for people, not even celebrities like Will Smith, who has always shown Olympic fitness. The 52-year-old actor let himself go during the year and revealed his body in an Instagram post after giving birth.

A partnership with YouTube to restore health

In another post he announced his intention to “get back into the best shape of his life”. The interpreter of the Prince of Bel Air or Men in Black takes on his few pounds and claims to love his body but wants to feel fitter and healthier.

So Smith has embarked on a new journey to weight loss and announced that he will be documenting his progress in a series of videos that will be available on YouTube.

The series, titled “The Best In Shape Of My Life,” will follow Will as he challenges himself “to improve all aspects of his fitness, from agility to strength to recovery and more, by interacting with guests such as professional athletes and scientists.” brings together experts and leading developers on YouTube ”.

#bigwilliechallenge to motivate and support each other

The many comments under the posts inspired the actor to challenge #bigwilliechallenge or #dadbodchallenge. Many men decided to take part by posting pictures of themselves in their underwear. Will Smith also shared some photos on his Instagram account and promised to publish the results in 12 weeks.

Among the participants we find some celebrities like Anthony Anderson Chris Spencer, Marlon Wayans or Flex Alexander.

For his part, Will Smith started his fitness regimen by posting a photo of himself at the gym.