Will Russian’s gamers have to give up on the latest games due to Russia’s Invasion in Ukraine?

It was announced in a letter to employees from Activision Blizzard’s president and CEO, Daniel Alegre. “Today, we will be suspending new sales of and in our games in Russia while this conflict is ongoing,” Alegre said. We will keep looking for ways to help the people of Ukraine. You can rest easy because our leadership team is very concerned about making sure that our employees are safe at work. Employees and their families who are directly affected by this tragedy are getting the help they need from us.

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Employees can donate to organizations that help people in need two-to-one, with a company matching limit of between $1000 and $10,000. Alegre wrote about this in the letter. People at work and at the company have raised $300,000 so far, says him. People who work for Activision Blizzard will also have more charities for them to choose from.

“I’d also like to say a big thank you to our colleagues in Poland, where people have given their time to help Ukrainian refugees and other people in need.” We are still working with them to figure out how we can help this even more. Ukraine: “We stand with the Ukrainian people,” said Alegre. “We will keep you updated on any new actions we take as this crisis moves on.”

In a tweet, Epic Games said that it will no longer sell games to Russia because of the invasion of Ukraine. The company did say that it won’t be blocking access to games for Russians, and it said that “the free world should keep all lines of communication open.”

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Companies like Activision Blizzard and Epic Games have now taken action against Russia. Companies like Microsoft (Xbox), CD Projekt Red, and others have already done this (Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077).

This is according to The Verge: According to the site, EA Games has removed the Russian teams from its popular FIFA and NBA games. CD Projekt Red has banned both digital and physical copies of its games from being sold. There are no new sales of Microsoft products or services in Russia. This includes Minecraft, which was taken off the Google Play and App Store in Russia.