Will Guts become an Apostle?

Berserk Chapter 368 key visible. Pic credit score: Younger Animal Journal

The Berserk Chapter 371 launch date within the upcoming Younger Animal Concern 24, 2022 will reportedly be on December 9, 2022.

This data ought to be confirmed when the Berserk Chapter 370 launch date comes on October 14, 2022. Dependable and avid Younger Animal manga reader MangaMoguraRE revealed this announcement forward of time by studying the journal in its authentic Japanese language.

On the finish of the newest Berserk Chapter 369, it was revealed on the finish that Berserk Chapter 371 can be launched on October 14, 2022. Berserk Chapter 370 would be the ultimate chapter of the Fantasia Arc that shifted the story to Elf Island beginning with Berserk Chapter 308.

Manga page from Berserk Chapter 369.
Manga web page from Berserk Chapter 369. Pic credit score: Younger Animal Journal

MangaMoguraRE has apparently already learn Berserk 370 and noticed the announcement on the finish of the chapter for when Berserk 371 can be launched.

Chapters 368 and 369 can be defined, however the occasions that happen in Berserk Chapter 371 can be predicted, so hold studying!

Berserk Chapters 368 and 369 defined

Berserk Chapter 368 teased, “The peaceable island is turned on its head as Griffith takes the stage. Giving in to anger, Guts swings the Dragon Slayer, however the blade gained’t strike true. Is there a approach to stem the flood of darkness?”

Isidro and his companions begin to freak out as black, liquid-like beings start to creep over the elven island. Cranium Knight seems and explains that the beings have risen from the rift, presumably resulting from Griffith’s command. Cranium Knight goes on to clarify the creatures are the very foundations of the island and its authentic masters.

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In the meantime, Captain Roderick and his crew put together to depart the island because the mermaids warn {that a} calamity is coming. A few of Roderick’s males stay cussed and wish to keep behind. Impulsively the black spirits descend on a few of Roderick’s males and suck the meat proper off their bones, leaving them skeletons.

Guts watches as Griffith departs with the unconscious Casca in his arms, carried away by Zodd in flight. Berserk Chapter 369 opens with Guts lamenting that not even a single swing of his sword reached his arch-nemesis Griffith.

Manga page from Berserk Chapter 369.
Manga web page from Berserk Chapter 369. Pic credit score: Younger Animal Journal

Future Berserk arc will give attention to Guts gaining new energy

It’s fascinating to notice that Guts just isn’t fascinated by Casca on this second, however is extra fearful about how the hole in energy between him and Griffith doesn’t appear to have narrowed. As an alternative, it’s the identical huge distinction as was seen in the course of the Eclipse.

Guts is seemingly again to sq. one and he feels powerless. One thing have to be performed about this if he’s going to go after Griffith so as to save Casca.

Though, it’s about extra than simply saving Casca this time. I believe that Guts not fascinated by Casca on this second exhibits that he believes in Casca to some extent. She’s not the damsel in misery that Griffith is mistaking her for. Positive, she fainted because of the shock of seeing Griffith once more, however Casca is a warrior, and he could have simply taken a sleeping tiger and never a sleeping kitten into his residence.

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I imagine Casca will be capable to maintain herself whereas in Griffith’s clutches and will even handle to do some hurt to his allies and armed forces whereas she is correct within the coronary heart of his operations. Casca deciding to kill the princess so as to get revenge towards Griffith is certainly a risk.

As for Guts, despite the fact that he has his particular armor and sword, it’s nonetheless not sufficient to defeat Griffith. Guts goes to must discover a approach to battle towards Griffith on equal footing. However how can he do that? Sure occasions have hinted that the one manner for Guts to battle on par with Griffith can be if he obtains an “egg of the king” and turns into an Apostle himself.

Fan art of Apostle Guts.
Fan artwork of Apostle Guts. Pic credit score: @dark_lordstudios

If Guts decides to turn into an Apostle he can be giving up his humanity and the potential of a future with Casca, all for the aim of defeating Griffith. With the best way Guts is presently appearing, I imagine this to be a risk.

In direction of the top of Berserk Chapter 369 the island is destroyed and the elves start to vanish. Presumably, the elves can now not exist on the “bodily aircraft” and can transfer to a “religious aircraft” the place Guts, Isidro, and the others will now not be capable to work together with their new pals. Isidro is compelled to say “goodbye” to his new buddy Isma.

Fan art of Apostle Guts.
Fan artwork of Apostle Guts. Pic credit score: @Herald_of_Zena/Reddit

I additionally imagine sure occasions have been main as much as Guts turning into an Apostle for some time, reminiscent of Guts shedding his eye and arm. Griffith additionally had his physique destroyed resulting from torture and the one approach to restore it was to turn into one thing greater than human – an Apostle. For Guts to regain his eye and arm, he too must turn into one thing greater than human.

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Nonetheless, if Guts decides to turn into an Apostle so as to defeat Griffith/Femto this could imply he would turn into a subordinate of the God Hand. Guts must play together with their needs and defeat Griffith earlier than he might then betray the God Hand. One other factor to bear in mind is that Griffith needed to sacrifice all his “pricey pals” so as to turn into an Apostle. This may imply Guts must do the identical! I’m abruptly extraordinarily fearful about Isidro, Puck, Casca, Schierke, and the others!

Guts’ transformation into an Apostle would additionally permit him to carry out the Berserk armor’s full potential – the bodily harm the armor causes him can be negated by the intense therapeutic and regeneration skills of an Apostle.

Are you wanting ahead to Berserk Chapter 371? Do you suppose Guts will determine to turn into an Apostle? What do you suppose Casca has in retailer for Griffith? Tell us within the remark part beneath!