Will Caetano Veloso be the next TikTok star? Back door believe it

“Porta dos Fundos” says that Caetano Veloso is the new big star of TikTok. will

In a new sketch by the comedy group, the artist receives several tips. One of them is that you should only publish songs that are 30 seconds or less.

It looks like the artist could pursue a different career.

As we all know, Caetano Veloso is one of the biggest names in Brazilian music. After an intervention by the comedy group “Porta dos Fundos” he could very well become one of the big names in TikTok in Brazil. At least that is the intention of the new sketch by the collective around Gregório Duvivier.

Quit the three and a half minute songs and only record 30 second songs to match TikTok, stop releasing political songs and change the title of your latest album, “Meu Coco” as it can be confused with “My Coconut” ” These are some of the tips left over in the “Porta dos Fundos” video, in which the actors in the group play the singer’s new agents.

The characters also ask Caetano Veloso to create more songs that include the lyrics “jeez, eita, eita” to appeal to a younger audience.

“Caetano no TikTok” was released on the comedy group’s YouTube channel this Monday, October 25, and was a hit. In 24 hours, the video had more than 600,000 views and 80,000 likes.

Caetano Veloso released his new album “Meu Coco” on October 22nd. In it we find the theme “You-You”, a song that connects the Brazilian artist with the Portuguese artist Carminho.

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