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Widow of IS terrorist Cuspert convicted | free press

The IS terrorists persecute Yazidis and enslave women. Now the widow of the terrorist and rapper Cuspert has been sentenced to four years in prison.

Hamburg (dpa) – In the Hamburg trial for the slavery of two Yazidi women, 37-year-old Omaima A. was sentenced today to a total of four years in prison.

The Higher Regional Court of the Hanseatic League was convinced that the widow of IS terrorist and rapper Denis Cuspert (“Deso Dogg”), as a member of the terrorist organization Islamic State (IS), was complicit in a crime against humanity in the form of slavery under the International Criminal Code (Az. : 4 St 1/21).

An already legally binding three and a half year sentence was included in the total custodial sentence. After agreeing to a sentence, the defendant admitted early in the trial that in 2016 she had her apartment in the Syrian city of Raqqa cleaned by a friend’s enslaved Yazidis. The Hamburg-born German-Tunisian distanced herself from IS and regretted her “misconduct”.


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