Why You Might See ‘Shooting Stars’ And Uranus During Next Week’s Total Lunar Eclipse

Subsequent week’s “Blood Moon” whole lunar eclipse is the proper time to go stargazing and planet-spotting.

The third whole lunar eclipse in 18 months, the second in 2022 and the final till 2025 will we seen within the early morning evening skies from North America on Tuesday, November 8, 2022.

Throughout the occasion the Moon will flip a reddish-orange color for one hour and 25 minutes. Nevertheless, there are a few celestial bonuses in play for this eclipse—the looks (and potential non permanent disappearance, should you’re in Asia) of Uranus in addition to the opportunity of “capturing stars” across the eclipsed Moon.

Right here’s precisely when and tips on how to see this trio of uncommon celestial sights in the identical evening sky:

go stargazing throughout the ‘Blood Moon’

It’s hardly ever talked about even by eclipse fanatics, however throughout a complete lunar eclipse the evening sky is exceptionally darkish. There’s a full Moon out—one thing that sometimes bleaches the evening sky—however its brigtness will get blotted-out throughout totality.

So for 85 minutes it is going to be potential to see stars across the Moon. It’s an odd sight. In case you’re someplace actually darkish then dense star-fields and even the Milky Method will possible turn into seen.

Look simply above the eclipsed Moon and also you’ll see the celebrities of the constellation of Taurus and, better of all, the brilliant and unforgettable sight of the Pleiades or “Seven Sisters” open cluster (see picture above).

see ‘capturing stars’ throughout the ‘Blood Moon’

It might even be potential to seize “capturing stars” throughout totality as a result of by fortunate likelihood two meteor showers peak within the nights simply earlier than and after.

The Southern Taurid and Northern Taurid meteor showers—sometimes referred to merely because the Taurids—typically include shiny, colourful “fireballs,” so it’s value keeping track of the sky across the Moon throughout totality.

see Uranus throughout the ‘Blood Moon’

Uranus, the seventh planet from the Solar, will probably be seen simply above and really near the “Blood Moon” throughout totality. It’s a distant, faint planet that’s under no circumstances straightforward to see with out binoculars or a telescope. When the Moon is full it’s even tricker to seek out. Nevertheless, with the sunshine of the Moon dulled throughout totality Uranus will possible be revealed very near it.

From Asia and Alaska the eclipsed Moon will really occult Uranus, hiding it from view for a brief interval earlier than it reappears on the opposite facet.

Nevertheless, these are merely bonus sights to the primary occasion—a full Moon turning pink proper earlier than your eyes! A complete lunar eclipse is the celestial occasion of fall 2022 and never one thing you wish to miss.

Disclaimer: I’m the editor of WhenIsTheNextEclipse.com

Wishing you clear skies and extensive eyes.

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