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Why Has Kronos Cloud Server Become so Popular?

What comes to your mind while talking about a physical cum virtual application-based infrastructure? Cloud servers around the world have been so popular and user-friendly nowadays. Like Kronos, most cloud servers bring a sturdy virtual core that executes an application. These are the pointers of a data processing-oriented storage platform.

By utilizing virtualization software, cloud servers have come up with the current scenario. So, well, what do you think it focuses on? Transforming a physical bare metal-oriented server into several virtual servers is its key focus.

Kronos Cloud Server

Kronos is an exceptional virtual bare metal solution provider that actually makes its resources more accessible and flexible. As a result, any user can utilize it remotely throughout a secured network. It comes with numerous opportunities that never limit a physical world.

What do you expect from Heficed as a professional user? First of all, it is highly compatible in hosting and operating your professional workflow along with the workforce management system inside the cloud. The more the overall systems get advanced in this current world, the more risks start to grow.

For mitigating any of the potential web risks, users require a safe network. Kronos puts a significant impact here while assuring you in accessing your desired applications safely over the website. So, whatever you are browsing with- smartphones, laptops, PC, tablets, etc., have got a cover from Kronos cloud server.

Kronos Key Features

Having scalable processors that operate as a symbiotic architecture is the powerhouse of security capabilities. It serves advanced safety along with built-in artificial intelligence expeditions. As a result, from generating your workloads from edge to cloud, Kronos has got the best performance to deliver.

The word ‘Kronos’ stands for leader, which highly suits Heficed’s activities overall. Let’s dig out the significant features that have made it a long-way-go server.

-Up to 2048 Internet Protocols

The infrastructure comes with IP spaces that are flexibly black listing-free.

-KVM Virtualization

KVM or Kernel-based Virtual Machine is an expansive source of virtualization technology. It has been constructed through Linux that permits users to adopt Linux into a hypervisor. As a result, the host machine gets the scope of running numerous segregated virtual environments.

Getting optimized from an open-source Kernel-based Virtual Machine hypervisor and in-house advanced computerization have made it more impactful.

-Habitual Control

From advanced DNS, IP address management to reboot issues, remote console, and survival mode lets users access different unique features.

-Full Root Entree

You can pick your operating system that remotely commands, configures, and maintains your server.

A lot more to explore!

Its 99.99% uptime ensures a premium quality performance. Meanwhile, getting access to more than 1 million IPv4 Addresses is its another strength. Besides, you will also find a 14-day money return guarantee. DDoS (Distributed denial-of-service) security builds a higher performing infrastructure.

Besides, they have six information centers globally in different places. In the meantime, users have the higher satisfaction while getting chances of 24/7 support and a full API entree. Meanwhile, accessing through the terminal control panel, you will also find some major impactful factors.

-High scalability

In the terminal, you can quickly scale up your VM (Virtual Machine).

-Several IPv4 addresses

There are limitless IPs available. Meanwhile, you can securely get access to IPv4 resources here. Other IPs are also traceable based on your request.

-10th generation network

Serving 10G inbuilt along with fiber optical ports assures users have a clean performance. Meanwhile, it also reduces any troubleshoot-oriented network issues.

-IPv6 permitted

Kronos also shows IPv6 enablement in your virtual machine through the terminal control panel. Meanwhile, this execution requires no rebooting. 

-Preinstalled & customizable ISO

You may know that customized ISO holds a massive significance. From any professional aspect, having a custom ISO permits users to attach a configured image. It runs via boot & setup procedure just like in a bare-metal server.

-Sturdy API

Directly access web control panel functionality and benefit from advanced networking features.

-Self-managed rDNS control (DNS)

For working time limitations, every professional has boundaries not to invest much time in fields like rDNS. It stands for reverse domain name system while having a simple but effective management system inside Kronos makes work easier. As a result, spending less time will do the rest while focusing much on your projects.


Initially, you can not relate all of the activities of Kronos without knowing why you need cloud servers, right? Well, these virtual cloud servers put a vast impact on the reality that includes,

-Uncomplicated disaster restoration

-Reduced appliance costs

-Space saver

-Boosted efficiency

-More accelerated deployment

-No server sprawling

-Lessened energy expenses

As the development of design, strategies, etc., has been taken from different virtual cloud servers, the demand goes higher. Professionals have started preferring their most-suited cloud servers. 


Meanwhile, Kronos cloud has also got various setbacks while assuring you to protect your company. Well, it offers users not to worry about upgrading, provisioning, juridical updates, etc. But on the other hand, it can make your approaches complicated while any necessary or customizable implementation is obliged. So, which and how are these scams taking place here?

As each of the bare metal servers has brought some setbacks, so has Kronos cloud. Well, having unexpected costs, concerns in losing control,facing unhandy downtime. Meanwhile, varying from region to region, Kronos cloud server displeases in reducing expenses.


Well, the mechanism of a cloud server is not so hard-found to understand. But yes, how you should approach it puts a more significant impact. For example, you have decided to work on Kronos. Then, there are generally two ways to utilize it. The first one is to start deploying your application in the third-party cloud server on-premise.

Unless you can do the same in the Kronos cloud server. Meanwhile, both decisions are reliable whether you implement Kronos for the first time or even approach upgrading to the latest version of Kronos software. Meanwhile, its whole KVM virtualization, along with ease in maintenance, scale-up, operation, etc., all of these indicate the best trait of this exceptional cloud server.


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